5 Tips for Capturing the Perfect Selfie + What Not To Do Too!

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If I could only name *one* feature to convince someone of how awesome the new LG G4 is, it would be the camera. Whether you’re a serious mobile photographer or just an everyday phone user, the majority of pictures we take are now done with our mobile phones, which makes the camera a pretty important feature to consider. The LG G4 is a game changer with it’s loaded camera specs that include an incredible F/1.8 low-light lens, the ability to shoot on full manual mode, image stabilization and an impressive autofocusing system.


If you don’t speak camera or shutterbug jargon, basically it means that the LG G4 shoots really well in low light, gives you unlimited freedom to shoot however you please (while still being able to do the point-and-shoot thing if that’s your style) and it reduces the blur. It has a 16MP rear sensor allowing it to produce high-res images but it’s really the front sensor that impresses me.

It boasts an 8MP Front Camera Sensor (compared to the iPhone 6 at only 1.2MP and the Galaxy S6 at only 5MP) that makes it ideal for capturing the perfect selfie while you’re traveling, hanging out with friends or experiencing the perfect hair day. Combine the awesome camera with these tips for the perfect selfie and you’ll be the Queen (or King) of Instagram in no time. 

5 Tips For Capturing the Perfect Selfie

Ditch the Flash – Always Use Natural Light

Early morning and late evening (think sunrise and sunset) are the best times to take a photo. Sunlight at this time of day is soft and diffused which is going to make you look even better. If you’re outdoors in bright sunlight, choose a spot in the shade. Avoid dim-rooms and fluorescent lighting, it lowers the quality of your picture. At the same time, avoid using the flash, unless of course the washed out look has suddenly become popular and I missed the memo, but I doubt it. 

Find The Right Angle 

The other day I accidentally hit the instant camera capture on my phone and was treated to the cringe inducing, forever-burned-into-my-eyes sight of my a ghastly, unflattering double chin. The angle and the way my face was positioned was so altogether wrong it tacked on an extra 20 lbs. It was enough to make me hyper aware of never hitting that button again, but it also brings me to my next tip.

Take the photo from slightly above eye level. It will slim out any extra chin you may have and force you to look up slightly, widening your eyes. Most times, the higher you hold your phone the better! 

Additionally, very few of us can pull off the full-face selfie! Instead, the majority of people look best when we tilt our face at a slight angle to the camera. While it might be tempting to look down at the camera button when taking a selfie, keep your eyes trained on the lens for the most visual impact.

Psst! The LG G4 also has a skin smoothing feature, perfect for cleaning up any of those wrinkles you swear you don’t have. 



For The Love of All Things Holy, Just Stop with the Duck Lips

Please listen to me. They don’t look good on anyone. No one. It’s unnatural. Instead give a smile, a smirk or even a wink! While we’re on the topic of don’ts, lets add the Kardashian Selfie to the list as well. You know the sexy gaze and puckered lips? We might think we look hot, but very few of us are actually pulling it off. This look takes practice, so unless you’re willing to dedicate time in front of the mirror, a good ole’ fashion smile works much better. 

Give It A Flip

Photos have a way of flattening your features, so give your hair a bit of toss to add lift before your photo. The extra volume translates beautifully in the picture. 
whistler and mom selfie

Don’t Forget to Edit 

You would be amazed at what a simple color correction or the perfect filter can do to make your selfie pop while still looking totally like you! 

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16 thoughts on “5 Tips for Capturing the Perfect Selfie + What Not To Do Too!”

  1. These are great tips on taking the perfect selfie. The edit feature is a real gem for bringing out the best in everyone.

  2. Natural Light is such a great tip! I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve seen ruined by that flash! haha Love all of your cute pictures!

  3. I’ve gotten better over the years at selfies! I used to look like I had a giant forehead because I had terrible angles! Great tips!


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