5 Ways To Reach Your Goals in 2017

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Can you believe we are already almost half way through 2017? How many of you set goals back in January? How many of you have actually stuck with them? Did you know that less than 10% of people will reach their new years goals in 2017? Few people even make it past the first week, so congratulations, if you’re reading this you’re still going strong! It’s definitely a good thing, however, it probably also means that you’re starting to struggle a bit and you may be looking for ways to stay on track.

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Set a SMART goal

A SMART goal is:

  • Specific
    Don’t be too broad. Narrow your goal down to what you really want to accomplish. Think about the what, why and how
  • Measurable
    How can you measure your progress? Break your progress down into smaller parts you can measure daily, weekly or monthly. 
  • Attainable
    Can your goal actually be achieved?
  • Realistic
    Make sure your goal is something you can personally manage. 
  • Time
    What’s your time frame for reaching your goal?

2017 goals

Write it Down

Putting your goals in writing is an important part of the goal setting process. Take it a step further and create a blog post (or a series for friends to follow), create a vision board, write affirmations on post-its throughout your home, or place reminders on your calendar.

*Tip* Try changing your passwords to a keyword that will remind you of your goal each time you type them in.

Set Yourself Up For Success

When it comes to resolutions like saving money, working out or quitting a bad habit, the daily routines can be hardest to make or break. This can lead you to falling off track after only one or two bad days. When this happens, it’s important to bounce back and break those goals into smaller more manageable steps. One helpful strategy consists of devising ways to make your daily life easier. 

  • Not feeling the gym? Use an app to do a workout at home. Try to fit in some squats, lunges and jumping jacks during commercials of your favorite show. Opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator and utilize the furthest spaces in the parking lot.
  • Need help sticking to a healthy diet? Use Sunday to meal prep and create freeze ahead meals for the rest of the week. This way you will have a meal to turn to on the days when you don’t feel like cooking.
  • Need help reaching your financial goals? Work with a financial adviser to help make small manageable steps. 

i Phone

Use an App

There really is an app for everything – including goal setting and keeping those new years resolutions! There is something that will help you focus and achieve even your most ambitious goals.

Check out our list of 10 Apps to Help Keep Your New Years Resolutions. It provides helpful apps for all of your goals from fitness to financial.

Tell A Friend

The simple act of telling a friend can help create a sense of accountability, giving us one more motivating factor in reaching our goals. Take it one step further and get your friends to help you reach your goals by becoming a workout buddy, a listening ear when things get tough, or the voice of reason. 

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  1. Yikes. Reality check: We’re almost at the halfway mark of the year 2017. What have I done to make changes in my life? OMG. There is still time. I have to tweak the goals I set for this year and make things happen!


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