6 Fun Pranks to Pull Off This Halloween

Halloween is such a ghoulishly fun time of year. It’s time to tap into your inner child where you can be anything you want to be. It’s also the perfect time to give into your inner prankster. Best Buy is offering up some hilarious prank ideas, including this genius Haunted House Preserved Head prank.  

Pickled pigs’ feet in a jar is creepy enough. A cupboard full of preserved human heads is quite another thing. All it takes is a digital camera, a color printer and a little creativity. You can make shrunken heads, too, for friends with a smaller appetite.

5 More Fun Pranks To Pull Off This Halloween 

  1. Nothing is scarier than an inanimate object suddenly moving. Dress up to match your lawn decor, lay in one of the coffins, lay among the “undead” in front of grave markers, etc and be as still as you can. When someone walks by, jump out and scare them. This one never gets old and never fails. 
  2. “Crash” a friends Halloween party in a costume that is unrecognizable. Refuse to speak (or at least disguise your voice). See how long it takes before they go nuts not knowing !
  3. Write a spooky message on the bathroom mirror with your finger. When someone takes a shower the mirror will fog up and the message will appear. 
  4. Put a marker on each of your friends or neighbors lawns, including yours. Make sure it’s something they will all KNOW isn’t theirs. Watch them try to figure out what the markers mean, where they come from and what the differences mean. Perhaps choose to prank one of the houses each night – some houses get harmless tricks and some houses get treats! 
  5. Try some of the classics. A well placed realistic spider, a rubber rat in the toilet (just hope they see it first!) or a chair that suddenly gives out when someone sits. Not to mention the hilarious pranks that can be done with food. For example, candy apples are a classic halloween treat but it’s a rude awakening when someone bites into a candied onion instead. 
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Find even more prank ideas and Halloween how to’s at the Best Buy Halloween site

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12 thoughts on “6 Fun Pranks to Pull Off This Halloween”

  1. Oh my gosh- these are great ideas! I want to make some spooky things in the house, but I think my kids are too young to not be scared out of their little minds!

  2. I love this!!!! My birthday is April Fool’s Day, so I’m used to pranks then – but Halloween pranks seem like SO MUCH FUN!

  3. My 3 year old is really into Halloween this year. We are going to have to pull some fun, kid-friendly pranks on her dad :P

  4. I would love to make some of those heads in jars. It would freak everyone out, from kids to grandkids and would be such a neat prank to pull.

  5. I am never good at playing pranks on people, especially with my friends. I don’t know why, maybe I just don’t have the right set of skills, lol. These are awesome suggestions though!

  6. My husband’s family is a bunch of pranksters. I don’t think that kind of stuff is funny at all, but it’s hard to avoid when they are around.


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