6 Impossible Things Your iPhone Case Can Accomplish

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It was the Mad Hatter who said to Alice,

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

In today’s digital landscape, it can seem like the list of impossible tasks is getting shorter by the minute, but typically a phone case can only handle one impossible task really well; whether they offer extreme protection, an external battery pack, a stylish design or they’re entertainment friendly. But the OtterBox uniVERSE Case System is taking on the impossible and offering five “impossible” features in addition to extreme protection. 

otterbox universe case

6 Impossible Things Your iPhone Case Can Accomplish 

Accept Credit Cards 

With the Square contactless & chip reader you can accept credit cards on the go. Perfect for the photographer, small business owner, or the person always stuck covering for the friend who “never has cash.” 

Step Up Your Mobile Photography Game

The new OtterBox uniVERSE Case also accepts the Olloclip, an awesome 4-in-1 lens kit that takes your mobile photography game to the next level allowing you to shoot wide angle, fish eye and even macro. 

Extend Battery Life AND Keep You Protected

Extreme protection or extended battery life is the Sophie’s Choice of cell phone cases. With Polar Pro power pack battery, your selfie sessions are doubled thanks to the 2,100-mAh of extra juice.

Seeks Thermal

Contractors and weekend DIYers, can add an advanced thermal imager to your phone with the Seek Compact thermal imager. It connects to your OtterBox uniVERSE case for instant support, and you can find out the locations of any heat sources.

Convert to a Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers have never been this portable or this connected. The Pulsar wireless mobile speaker features  up to 8 hours of battery so you can keep the tuneage going all weekend long. It’s great for playing beats from your phone but it’s Bluetooth so you can connect a wider variety of devices to it. It also has a built-in microphone! 

Convert to a Flash Drive 

We’re always looking for ways to expand storage to hold more photos, and capture more memories. The SanDisk iXpand flash drive secures via a slotted rail to the uniVERSE and connects straight into your phone for an instant memory upgrade of 32gb!

otterbox universe case

The OtterBox uniVERSE Case System lets you accomplish impossible tasks with a protective case by featuring a removable accent plate that slides off so you can mount modules without removing your case. The modules are sold separately at Best Buy so you can create the best case for your lifestyle.  

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. 

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