7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safer When Traveling

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Finding ways to protect your home when traveling is important for keeping your valuables and property safe. To ensure you return from your vacation or travels to everything in order, follow some of the tips below to keep your home out of harm’s way.

Install a Home Security System

A home security system can keep your home, property, and belongings safe while you are traveling. The system can include an alarm or be a set of security cameras. Regardless of the type of security system you choose, visible cameras are a powerful deterrent. Look for a system that includes security cameras with night vision and motion detection. Many of today’s affordable security cameras allow homeowners to view footage of their homes remotely from their phones giving you the ability to check in on your home from anywhere. 

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Keep Maintenance and Lawn Appointments

If you regularly have a pool or lawn company come for visits, try and keep those schedules even while you are traveling. If a potential criminal has been staking out your house, they will notice something is off if your regular appointments are being missed. They might see this as an opportunity to break into your home.

Leave a Key with Someone You Trust

Even though you can put your mail and newspapers on hold while traveling, you never know if you may still get random flyers or packages delivered you had forgotten about. Shipped items left on your porch can be tempting to people passing by. Remember to leave a key to your home with a trusted friend or family member so they may stop by each day to check if you received anything. They may also help with watering your plants and bringing your trash cans out to the curb for you.

Keep Travel Plans Off of Social Media

Even though this is difficult for some people, it is important to keep a low profile on social media. If your profile is public, any posts about you leaving town can be seen by countless people. Some of those people may not have the best intentions. If you cannot fight the urge to share your plans with friends and family on your social media accounts, double-check your home address and phone number are not listed anywhere in your profile.

Lock Valuables Up

Most experienced thieves know to check the master bedroom first after breaking into a home. This is where most homeowners keep a lot of their valuables. Before leaving on vacation or to travel, keep all of your valuables in a safe. Place the safe somewhere inconspicuous like a kitchen pantry or bathroom linen closet where thieves may not consider searching.

Don’t Leave a Hidden Key

It’s not wise to leave a hidden key near one of your windows or doors for a friend or family member to find and use to get into your home. If there is a key hidden, most thieves will be able to find it. Always give your spare key directly to the person you are leaving it with before you travel.

Disconnect the Garage Door Opener

It’s not a secret that many types of tech can be easily hacked, especially by motivated and experienced criminals. Many types of garage door openers homeowners have can be easily opened with universal remotes. Before you leave on vacation or to travel, be sure you disengage the garage door opener and lock it with a manual device instead.