How to Make Your Travels on Long Haul Flights More Enjoyable

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Once upon a time, flying was an event. People dressed in their Sunday best, and they were polite to one another. There was plenty of space, and it was an exciting experience to get on an airplane.  Cut to today, people are packed into tiny seats, arm in arm with their neighbor, trying to block out the screaming babies, snoring, and any other unpleasant body functions you might come into contact with on a flight. 

plane travel

Regardless of all that, we have to fly. If for work or pleasure, we have to fly. Here are a few tips to make those long haul flights tolerable, if not enjoyable. 

Compression Socks


Long flights can be hard on your body. A good pair of compression socks can help prevent swelling and aide in circulation. Physix makes great compression socks in a variety of colors that are great for long flights. They wash well without losing their elasticity, and the moisture wicking qualities help keep you dry and comfortable. They are also shock absorbing to prevent tired, swollen legs and feet. If you are going to be on a long flight, these are ideal to help you hop off the plane and feel ready to take on your travels. 


You absolutely have to have headphones on a flight. It is a must, especially on a long flight. Some airlines will charge you for the clunky, prehistoric headphones, and you are left tied to the armrest and straining to hear whatever you might be listening to over the bustle of the plane. Sony has 2 great models that are ideal for flying. 

WF 1000XM3 Sony True Wireless

The WF-1000XM3 Sony True Wireless has a compact cordless design that prevents tangling up in your purse or carry-on, and its noise-canceling capabilities are top-of-the-line. These sleek little pocket earbuds won’t take up any precious space, plus they have 24 whole hours of battery life if you take advantage of the quick charging case.

WF-1000XM3 Sony True Wireless

If you are like me and let the battery drain – you can do a quick 10 minute energize in the charging case that will last for 90 minutes. These headphones also have intuitive features like wearing detection, and they fit perfectly inside your ears. You can set up Google Assistant to get alerts, info and more so you will be in your own world while everything else is canceled out. 

Sony Incredible Noise Cancelation XB900NIf you like traditional headphones over earbuds, the Sony Incredible Noise Cancelation (XB900N) with EXTRA BASS™  are a comfortable over-the-ear alternative. Controls on the headset allow for easy use with up to 30 hours of battery life, and a built-in microphone offers you the ability for hands-free talking.


Sony XB900N is the Incredible Noise Cancelation with EXTRA BASS

The crisp, clean sound will block out everything else, and you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Sony knows what you are looking for in your headphones, and these two designs offer everything you need to make a long haul flight enjoyable.      

Stay Hydrated

Hi Lyte

Staying hydrated while traveling is key to keeping energy levels up and preventing headaches, cramping etc. Instead of just water, trying water infused with electrolytes. Snag a bottle before you hop on the plane or bring a bottle of Hi Lyte to carry with you and add to your water. It helps replace electrolytes and offers antioxidants for your immune system. Hi Lyte can help address the stress of travel, the variety of germs in the airport, and side-effects of flying to keep you healthy and energized during travel.   

Pay For More Room 

Sometimes it is worth it to pay more for better quality, and when flying, it is usually better to pay for a little extra. If given the chance for more legroom or extra bulkhead space – go for it, especially if you are on a long flight. You are going to appreciate some extra space to stretch out in those long hours. Plus, extra bulkhead space means I can stuff my carry-on in the overhead instead of having to check it at the last minute (because the overhead is full -which is almost every flight) and stand around and wait for it on the jetway after the plane lands. Your comfort is worth a few extra bucks, go for it.   

Eye Mask 

71hUs7rH9L. SL1500

On a long flight, an eye mask will help you get some shut-eye regardless of what is happening around you. Get a high-quality eye mask that will block out light so you can sleep peacefully. This sleep mask by MZOO is made from memory foam so there is no pressure on your eyes. It creates a soft seal that makes for a dark, cozy spot wherever you are and lets you sleep. 

4 in 1 Travel Blanket 

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I am a sucker for multi-functional items, and this 4 in 1 travel blanket works as a blanket, pillow, storage pocket, and lumbar support. It is awesome to bring along on a flight to stay cozy, and it has a convenient pocket plus a strap to attach it to your carry-on. 

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