8 Must-Haves for Life With a New Baby

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Having a baby is an exciting time for new parents. You probably didn’t imagine that after your first date, someday you would be parenting together. Everything is so new, that it’s hard to know where to start with what to get. There are some essentials that will help your baby eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. Everything else is just a bonus to make life easier for new moms and dads. Here are the must-haves for life with a new baby.

Lactation Consultant

There are many benefits to breastfeeding your baby. One of them is the financial savings you’ll get instead of buying formula. Another benefit is the unique nutrients that your body produces just for your baby.

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While fed is always best and there is no shame in using formula or donor milk if you want to breastfeed your baby, hiring a lactation consultant will help you be more successful in your journey if you are having a hard time. It can be frustrating not knowing exactly what to do, but they can give you the support you need to be successful for as long as you want. Don’t worry – it’s perfectly natural to experience hurdles while breastfeeding and many moms benefit from a little outside help.

Hands-Free Breast Pump

Whether you’re going back to work, or planning to be home with your baby, having a hands-free breast pump is a must-have. There are plenty of scenarios where even your breastfed baby may need a little expressed milk. Using a hands free pump gives you more flexibility and they are more discreet than older styles of breast pumps. You can also use a hand pump to hand express milk if your body doesn’t readily respond to the electric pump. As a bonus, many insurance companies cover a pump for new moms.

Swaddle Blankets

Many babies love to be snug and comfortable. Swaddle blankets are a great option because they can be used for many different things even as your baby grows up, like a lovey or security blanket. The swaddle blanket mimics the snug feeling the baby had while he or she was in the womb. Finding blankets with breathable material will keep your baby from getting overheated when sleeping.

Diapers, and More Diapers

You can’t have too many diapers. Some people are going back in time to use modern cloth diapers. While they are a huge investment up front, when used for the first two years of a baby’s life, they can save you a lot of money and they are better for the environment. Did you know it takes 400 years for one diaper to compose?

With reusable cloth diapers, you can easily get diapers that adjust as the baby grows so you don’t need to constantly change sizes. If cloth diapers are not your cup of tea or you plan to have your baby in daycare, then disposable diapers are just fine and you can put multiple sizes on your baby registry or let family and friends know that you need them. You could even hint at how cool diaper cakes are right before your baby shower.

White Noise Machine

Is there a lot of noise in your house? After you put your baby to bed you can help them rest more easily by using a white noise machine in their room. This helps block out other more sudden noises they may hear while they sleep and can keep them from getting startled awake. Even some adults can benefit from having their own white noise machine for sleeping at night.

A Robe

A comfortable robe for mom is especially helpful in those early days when it feels like all your baby does is want to eat and snuggle up close to you. A robe is also great for labor and delivery. When you don’t feel like getting dressed and all your days are blending into one, a robe is a perfect solution.

Pre-Made Meals

Eating food that’s already prepped can be a lifesaver. You’ll enjoy delicious casseroles, yummy tacos, and plenty of other meals that are great for your body and your baby, but that you also didn’t have to lift a finger to make. Invite your family and friends to help you prep meals for your freezer before your baby arrives, and plan to use disposable plates and dinnerware for the first few weeks. Unless you can convince someone to come to clean your house for you, you’ll be amazed at how great it feels to simply worry about nothing else other than your baby.

Easy Baby Clothes

Everyone loves those baby clothes that look like little suits and are pretty dresses with buttons and frills, and while they are darling, these outfits are terrible to take off in the event of a diaper emergency. You want easy baby clothes. They should have snaps on the front, maybe even two-piece, and are easy to get on and off.

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