8 Stand Out Gifts for the Boss

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Purchasing a gift meant for your boss is stressful – should you opt for something off the wall (due to the fact that you happen to share that type of banter), a useful gadget, or something more personal?

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It doesn’t matter if it’s for the holidays, as a thank you, for a life event, or their birthday, you need a gift that has the perfect combination of quality and individuality. Here’s a quick look at a few choices that might be just the thing.


If you have a boss who happens to have decanters in the office or one who likes the more refined things in life, Templeton Rye might be just the thing. This whiskey is smooth, has a bit of a nutty flavor, and is the ideal gift for those who enjoy a good drink now and then.

Silk Sleep Mask

Maybe your boss is into health and wellness. If this is the case, why not a silk sleep mask? Everyone knows that sleep is critical for good health, and if your boss happens to do a lot of traveling, this can save their day. It will keep her eyes from getting dried out too much while she gets that nap on the plane.

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Coffee Sampler Set

Maybe your boss is a coffee lover. What more unique and meaningful gift could there be for that person than a coffee sampler set? Assist them with kissing that grogginess in the morning goodbye with a variety of different flavors of coffee. 

Posture Corrector Cushion

One great gift for your boss might be a posture corrector cushion. Desk chairs don’t tend to do our posture any favors. If you notice that your boss slumps over the desk for most of the day, they could really use something like this that forces you to sit with better posture throughout the day.

Phone Charger and Sanitizer

These are nifty little devices that zap those germs that lurk right on your touchscreen while it also charges the phone. It’s the ideal gift for that OCD manager who always seems to be spraying that antibacterial spray all over the office and constantly hand sanitizing.

Wine Label Set

If you have a boss who has a good sense of humor, you might opt for a wine label set that names the office staff as the reason they drink. It’s sure to bring a smile. Stick it on a bottle of their favorite wine before you give it to them and you’ll be all set.

Personalized Business Card Holder

This is for that old school boss who still carries around paper business cards. It’s a unique gift (especially if you have it personalized with their name) that will give your boss the ability to keep all of their business cards in a single place.

Productivity Planner

This is a smart gift that’s great for those bosses who have a myriad of post-it notes lying around. You can help them keep all of their thoughts in a single place with a productivity planner. They even make them with spiritual quotes if your boss is into that type of thing.

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You’ve just read a list that we’ve pulled together of gifts that are a sure thing for those who are looking to impress their boss – regardless of how tricky they might be to shop for. If you’re looking to buy them a personal gift, some of the options above are even super affordable. No matter what you choose though, your boss is sure to appreciate the time and thought that you put into it.