If you are finally taking the plunge and want to do something with all those vacation videos on your phone, you’ve probably found that there are A LOT of video editors to choose from. Which is the best for you? Honestly, it depends on your technical ability and what you are trying to achieve. Today we’ll focus on one of the video editor’s available right now call Movavi. The Movavi video editor is a beginner friendly software for editing videos that you have filmed yourself. We like that all the tools you need are found right on the main screen for your easy access. Perfect for beginners, editing a video only requires simple actions like drag and drop, and dragging the slider back and forth.

movavi video editor

Here are some quick start tips to using Movavi Video Editor

Movavi provides several ways for adding the video. One method is by using the Add Media Files to open your videos. The second method is by dragging and dropping the videos onto the drag and drop space in the lower part of the software.

Once you have loaded your video, you should not go ahead to add the special effect like transition and filter first. Instead, you should play back the video and check for any unwanted part that you don’t want your audience to waste time watching. When you see any unwanted part, you simply drag the red marker to select it and click on the scissor tool in the toolbar to clip it. Next, you can press the Delete button to get rid of the unwanted clip permanently from the video.

The crop tool is ideal for use in resizing your video to reduce the file size. Cropping is also useful for removing black bars in a video. When you click the crop button, a crop frame will appear and you can resize its frame as desired before pressing the Apply button. If you crop the video in small aspect ratio, make sure it is also output in small dimension when you export the video. The quality will drop if a video cropped in small aspect ratio is saved in a large dimension.

The rotate tool can flip your video by 90 degree and change it to the correct position. To flip your video, you must select it in the timeline and keep clicking on the rotate button until you get it to the right position. The rotate tool is useful when you accidentally capture a video by holding the camera in the wrong position.

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Movavi Video Editor lets you add filters to tweak the appearance of the video to become more interesting. Filters can give your video a look that cannot be achieved with camera. The filters are arranged in groups like artistic, blur, light leaks, mosaic, and vignettes to make it easy for you to locate what you need. You can preview a filter by selecting it and pressing the playback button. If you like the effect the filter give your video, you must drag the filter to the clip in the timeline to apply it.

Movavi Video Editor also let you add text to the video to tell story or communicate a message to the audience. You can navigate to the text tab to see the range of title styles available. If you like a title style, you can drag it to the space located just above the clip. After that, make sure you double click it to enable the inputing of text. The text formatting options can be accessed above the preview area. You should choose a photo with sufficient blank space to add the text. The font size must be big enough for viewing on a phone. You can try making the text bold and allow people to easily view it.

movavi video editorMovavi Video Editor allows you to use a transition style to join two clips. To see the transition collection, you must select the transition tab on the left. The transition style is added by dragging it to the middle section that has a transition icon. Some of the common transition effects it supports are fade in/out, dissolve, and wipe transition.

The fade in effect will gradually turn to another scene. Fade in effect is for putting in the beginning of the video. Fade out effect is for putting at the end of the video. The dissolve effect gradually transition to another scene and is often applied at the end of a scene. Wipe is a transition effect that look as if one scene is being wiped away to another. Wipe transition is well known for using on scenes in different locations.

Movavi Video Editor supports adding picture files for making slideshows to share a special moment. To make a picture slideshow, you must first load the pictures by dragging them onto the timeline. You can drag and drop multiple pictures and have them added to the timeline in a second. To ensure the slide play in the correct sequence, you can use mouse cursor to drag the slide and change its position. As a rule of thumb, you should try to keep the slideshow short to 3 – 4 minutes of playback. It should contain no more than 60 photos and each photo should play for at least 3-5 seconds.

Hopefully the above should get you started to at least spend a few moments with Movavi video editor to see if it’s right for you and your needs. If you haven’t already, you can download it for free at their website.

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movavi video editor

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