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2014-03-30 14.25.59Sometimes, vacations call for something a bit beyond hotel rooms. Whether you’re traveling with your immediate family, celebrating a family reunion, or going on a group vacation, vacation home rentals can be a great alternative to standard vacation lodging, providing a great central hub for everyone to gather in downtime, while allowing for private rooms as well. 

All Star Vacation Homes is one great option for alternative lodging, furnishing homes, condos and town homes in popular resort and leisure travel destinations across America. Perfect for keeping the group together, All Star provides spaces close to downtown attractions and at a fraction of the cost of most competitive hotels. 

To learn first hand how All Star Vacation Homes provide superior lodging options for groups, myself and other bloggers were invited to stay in our very own vacation home in Kissimmee, Florida during our #rockyourvacation media trip, hosted by Experience Kissimmee. 

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2014-03-30 14.21.48At first glance, All Star Vacation Homes can look like a standard house, partly due to the common exterior appearance, and partly due to the fact that their locations tend to be inside residential communities, but upon further inspection, the differences couldn’t be more different. Each home is uniquely appointed, with our vacation rental in Kissimmee, Florida, furnished with our very own home theater to our left, a beautiful dining room to our right, and a gorgeous (and heated) pool directly ahead in our backyard. The central areas of the house were filled with lots of fun activities, including arcade games and a pool table, while the great insulation kept noise levels to a minimum (which isn’t an issue on a media trip, but can come in handy for families with kids!).  

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2014-03-30 14.29.57Each room meant for adults comes with its own bathroom complete with his-and-her sinks, while the themed spaces for kids have a bathroom space dedicated outside the bedroom for safety. My room was safari themed which was played up with my African-inspired bedding and multiple wooden carvings placed throughout my space, with other rooms having more tropical and black-and-white concepts. One of my favorite rooms in the house was a 102 Dalmatian themed children’s room, which came with proportionally sized beds, plush dalmatian toys and even dog bowls!
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Throughout our week at our All Star Vacation home, our group kept mentioning how much we preferred that we were able to stay in a house together, rather than in separate hotel rooms. It seems profound, given that most of us enjoy vacations because of the hotel rooms, but unless you’re a couple who will barely be in the room, vacation rentals can actually be a smart and preferred method of lodging. 

For example, the Kissimmee, Florida vacation rentals average around $215 a night for a three bedroom location, or $71 per room. Homes with six bedrooms including master suites, average around $449 per night, seasonally, or $74 per room and comes with plenty of space, a pool that can be enjoyed at all hours, and the game room that doesn’t require quarters! Beyond price, it can be quite enjoyable getting the group together for communal time and having dinner together around the table.

Each morning at our vacation rental, all of us girls would meet around the kitchen for conversation and great cooking, which was such a breathe of fresh air compared to ordering room service and having more quiet time. In the evenings as well, during our limited downtime, we would all find ourselves hanging out in the living room, or watching television in the home theater. Having a vacation home rental, genuinely brought us girls together and allowed us the opportunity to spend time together without much effort. 

There is so much to love about All Star Vacation Homes that it’s hard pinpointing a few key aspects of our stay that stood out above the rest, but one aspect that was genuinely awe-inspiring and deserves a special mention is their 9 bedroom home that was recently built and features all state of the art amenities.

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2014-04-02 10.18.34The winner of #rockyourvacation will get to stay here complimentary, and what a grand prize it is! Each bedroom is gorgeously appointed, with fresh chocolates provided and a fantastic open concept living room to talk over meals. Typically going for $1,000 a night, with 9 bedrooms, guests can stay here for an average of $110 a night per room, which makes for a great option for reunion and/or group travel.

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The bedrooms were my favorite part, with each room having comfortable beds and luxurious amenities. The home theater was impressive as well, with leather reclining chairs and Star Wars decals.2014-04-02 10.30.41Overall, vacation homes can be a great way to keep the family together while still enjoying some well-deserved alone time and I highly suggest checking out their properties for your lodging considerations for future trips. For more information on All Star Vacation Homes including locations and pricing, visit their website at AllStarVacationHomes.com!

Thank you to All Star Vacation Homes for hosting my stay. All opinions remain my own. 

47 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Vacation With All Star Vacation Homes”

  1. Oh my goodness this rental looks so pretty! I would love to start in one of these rentals.

  2. I would have loved to stay there. It was a beautifiul rental. We don’t usually stay in a house. But I see it is affordable now!

  3. What a great alternative to regular hotel rooms. I am totally loving the dual sinks, so important for large families!

  4. That place looks gorgeous. I don’t know which I love more the theater room or the pool!

  5. I had no idea something like this was available when traveling. So much better than a cramped hotel room. And they are lovely!

  6. I would say that we stay in a vacation rental on around 70% of the trips that we take. You get so much more room for your money, and with a family of five that space saves everyone’s sanity.

  7. I sure wouldn’t mind that 9 bedroom home! Staying somewhere like this would make you not want to come back home for sure.

  8. I would love to rent an All Star home on our next big family travel get together. We live in Indiana and travel to Georgia every few years. I will definitely keep them in mind for the next time we go!

  9. That is a gorgeous home! I love getting rental homes with a group of people. So relaxing and fun!

  10. The All Star Vacation Homes in Kissimmee look AMAZING! I would love to stay in one of these on my next trip to the area. We tend to only visit box-hotels, which are nice, but not nearly spacious enough for us to truly relax on vacation. Your trip sounds really fun!

  11. We used a vacation rental home when we went to Disney World a few years ago. It’s definitely the way to go, especially when traveling with children or large families.

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