4 Beach Bag Essentials for A Successful Beach Day with Kids

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Huggies Little Swimmers

When you live in the Great Lake State there are no shortage of beautiful sandy beaches. Surprisingly, I never spent much time at them as a kid. But when I met my husband and spent a couple of years living in a picturesque town set on the shores of Lake Michigan I fell in love with it’s beachy atmosphere. I mean really, who can resist white sandy beaches complete with a walk out pier and light house?

Even though we have moved away we anxiously look forward to the summer months when we can go back again to play. I remember the first time Maddilyn saw the beach. How she ran into the water, seemingly unaware of the cold temperature. The way she let the sand sift between her fingers like it was something magical. Now that it’s warm again she has been begging to go back. I thought, what better way to celebrate the first day of summer and longest day of the year than to spend it at the beach?

Huggies Little Swimmers

After all, making memories building sand castles and frolicking about in the water is what summer is made for. Disappointingly, the first day of summer brought with it 70 degree temperatures and a bit of wind. But like the first time, as soon as Maddilyn touched her toes to the water she was oblivious to anything else. We spent the day making memories, digging our toes in the sand, kicking at incoming waves and running up and down the shores chasing them.

For a toddler there are very few things that can ruin a day at the beach – but it isn’t fool proof. In order to keep the memories happy we keep our beach bag stocked with a few essentials. Without them it’s only a matter of time before the day quickly dissolves in tears.

Huggies Little Swimmers

Our 4 Beach Bag Essentials:

1.Water Resistant Sunscreen with at least SPF 15
Even on a cloudy day gets can get a sun burn. The best rule of sunscreen is to reapply, reapply, reapply.
2. Bottled Water and Snacks.
A hungry belly can make kids crabby and their quickly throwing temper tantrums and rolling about the sand holding their belly in theatrics. Then of course they get sand in the their eyes and for some reason it’s your fault. It’s also your fault that you have to pour water in their eyes to flush it out. You see where this is going. And as fun as all that sounds it’s nothing compared to how dangerous dehydration can be dangerous.
3. Shovels,Pails and Kites – for fun in the sun and sand of course.
It isn’t long before kids come out of the water wrinkled like prunes. But no matter how much Maddilyn may marvel at the wrinkles in her hands or shiver at the cold she absolutely insist that she doesn’t want to come home. Fun activities in the sand are the best way to get them out of the water and into the sun.
4.Huggies Little Swimmers.
I can’t say enough good things with our most essential item. Nothing sends a day at the beach down hill faster than an exploding diaper – and all the disdainful looks it garners. Even better, with Huggies Little Swimmers we avoid soggy, drooping diapers that frustrate little legs. She is free to run, jump into the waves and  have all the beach races her heart desires. Really, the last thing a day at the beach should be is anything but happy.
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