Gorgeous Beach Cottage Bathroom Inspiration

I often find it interesting that we spend so little time on decorating our bathrooms, yet between bathing, grooming and using the potty (yes, I said potty, it’s the “mom” in me), we spend a lot of time in that room. Maybe we’re discouraged by the small space, and overlook the opportunity to make it a peaceful, up to date room.

I enjoy watching home remodeling programs, especially when they take an old or tiny bathroom and give it a complete makeover. These beach cottage bathroom inspiration make me want to bust out the power tools, or at the very least partake in some online power shopping. Beach Cottage Bathroom Inspiration

Beach Cottage Bathroom Inspiration

Beach Cottage Bathroom

Photo Credit: Onekin Design

I love this design because it manage to give off a beach cottage vibe without going the route of blue. 

Beach Cottage Bathroom 1

Photo Credit: Nat Rea Photography via Home Bunch

Yet I love this design because of the gorgeous blue walls. That under sink towel storage is perfect too. 

Beach Cottage Bathroom 2

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart


How awesome are these rope fixtures? Believe it or not it’s totally DIY and you can find all of the instructions on Martha Stewart. 

Beach Cottage Bathroom 3

Photo Credit: The Wow Decor

I adore the wainscotting in this bathroom with the pedal stool sink. Its a simple, clean vibe. 

Beach Cottage Bathroom 4

Photo Credit: Dering Hall

Open shelving can make your bathroom feel bigger and unique light fixtures add character. 

Beach Cottage Bathroom 5

Photo Credit: The Wood Garage

How awesome is this pallet shelf? It would be great made with driftwood as well. 

Beach Cottage Bathroom 6

Photo Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

I love how easy this driftwood project is. For added character you may even consider painting it. 

Beach Cottage Bathroom 7

Photo Credit: Walmart via Pinterest

Give your bath a splash of style! Mix in metallic accessories, a new set of towels and a shimmering shower curtain. 

Beach Cottage Bathroom 9

Photo Credit: Homebunch

I love the tones in this room and the circular mirror gives us a fresh, fun vibe. Everything about this space is very unique. 

Beach Cottage Bathroom8

Photo Credit: Homebunch

Who wouldn’t want to laze about in that deep tub? We’re also really drawn to that chair railing. 

Beach Cottage Bathroom 11

Photo Credit: Wisteria

I’m so obsessed with these coral inspired shelves. They’re gorgeous and yet still really functional with weight limits of 20-35 pounds. Plus, they’re ocean-friendly as they’re made with plaster. 


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