10 Affordable and Awe-Inspiring Beach Wedding Dresses

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10 Best Beach Wedding Dresses

Choosing to say “I do” at the beach is becoming an increasingly popular choice by couples wanting to tie the knot in a more casual, laid-back setting. The tranquil ocean and white sand make for a gorgeous natural backdrop that is both romantic and unforgettable.

Even more unforgettable than the view however will be your dress! Any bride will agree that finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important decisions to be made for the special day.

When having a beach wedding, it’s important to pay attention to the length and fabric of the dress, as you have to take the sun, wind, saltwater and sand into consideration. Many tailors suggest brides go with a shorter or cocktail length dress made from a light, flowing material that breathes and will also be able to hold its shape and form in the humid climate.

If your heart is set on a traditional full-length satin or lace gown, be prepared for it to show some wear and tear. Salt and sand can play havoc on fabrics, especially when you’re walking close to the water’s edge for the ceremony or wedding pictures afterwards. A wet, sandy dress might seem fine at first, but later on at dinner and a possible reception, a longer dress can be uncomfortable.

Given that most brides will opt for a shorter or cocktail length dress for the ceremony, here are our top ten affordable beach wedding dresses as found on ModCloth that are as cute, unique, and priceless as you are and will help you shine on your special day!

1. Full Court Impress Dress $104.99

Modcloth Dress1


2. Chills Throughout the Conservatory Dress $64.99

modcloth dress 2


3. Ask for the Swoon Dress $107.99


modcloth dress 3


4. Case Study in Charm Dress $54.99

modcloth dress 4


5. My Plucky Day Dress $64.99

modcloth dress 5


6. All About Evening Dress $187.99



7. Adrift on a Cloud Dress $99.99



8. Frill You Be Mine Dress $74.99



9. Tickling the Ivories Dress $59.99



10. The Perfect Thatch Dress $79.99



While you’re at it, don’t forget the perfect shoes to go with your dress! To keep yourself from sinking into the sand, choose wedding shoes that have a solid or flat heel. Low-heeled sandals, cute flip-flops or classic ballet flats will look just as sexy, feel much more comfortable, and be wearable after the wedding! Or better yet, feel free to go barefoot! Nothing says ‘beach wedding’ like getting married with your toes in the sand. Choosing a barefoot on the beach wedding ceremony will turn your destination wedding into the ultimate romantic experience!



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