Best Buy Magnolia: Our March Audio Fest Wish List

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I never considered myself much of an audiophile. A technophile? Absolutely. I adore new tech.

Love pulling it out of the box and peeling off those clear stickers marking its freshness. So naturally audio equipment fell into that realm, but only by default.

On the other hand, my husband has always, without a doubt, been an audiophile.

It began with headphones, he has more pairs than I like to admit and each one is worn during different activities based on their strengths and weaknesses. Then it was our televisions Samsung sound bar and finally the installation of Kicker speakers, subwoofers and amps in our vehicles.

I was a bystander in all of this right until the moment I realized that I too had become an audiophile.

I sat in our living room one day and realized that something wasn’t quite right. The sound was off in an unpleasant way. No longer did the sound seem to fill the room, (or surrounding me if you want to get punny about it).

It was about that time that I realized two things: one, our sound bar was off and two, this was something I noticed immediately and it was a quality I would have never paid attention to before.

I hate to admit it when he’s right, but when he’s right, he’s right.

Quality sound really does make the difference between just hearing and experiencing when you’re watching, listening or playing. 

best buy magnoliaAnd so I more or less started the fall down my own audio rabbit hole. Which brings me to Magnolia’s March AudioFest at Best Buy.

It’s one month of insane deals on premium audio gear at Magnolia. And I do mean, premium audio gear – and not just for your music. Save on speakers, receivers, wireless audio gear, headphones, hi-res audio products and so much more.

Here are just a few of the items that should be on your wishlist because they’re on ours!

Our Magnolia March Audio Fest Wish List

  best buy magnolia

Samsung Streaming 4K Ultra HD Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-Ray Player

4K is slowly becoming the standard in at home entertainment. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of your 4k television with this Samsung 4K Blu-Ray Player. It’s wifi enabled so it even lets you stream movies from your favorite streaming services. (Tip: This is great if you opted out of a Smart TV).

best buy magnolia

Pioneer Elite Powered Wireless Smart Speaker

Thanks to the power of Alexa, this Pioneer smart speaker made our wishlist because it does more than just play music. It takes care of the entertainment, home automation and more, hands-free. From answering questions to weather and traffic updates, recipe guidance to ordering pizza it’s like a personal assistant! Plus it’s portable which means it can follow us onto the patio for summer entertaining.

 best buy magnolia

MartinLogan Motion Floor Speaker

The MartinLogan Motion floor speaker features a 1″ x 1-1/2″ Folded Motion tweeter, dual 6-1/2″ woofers and a 5-1/2″ midrange for a complete range of sounds. Honestly, I only know what that last part means but the rest made my husband’s eyes light up so that has to be good. The reviews are stellar and right now it’s $100 off.

Magnolia March AudioFest 2

When you’re ready to experience premium audio at amazing prices, stop into your nearest Magnolia store and start hearing things in a whole new way, like I did! 

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