Best Career Options for Dreamers and Creatives

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Are you a creative person with big dreams? If so, you may be wondering what the best career options for you are. Luckily, there are many great career paths out there that can accommodate your talents and passions. So whatever your dream may be, don’t let it go to waste – go after it with everything you’ve got! Here are some of the best careers for dreamers and creatives.

Public Relations

Public relations specialists help to promote the public image of their employer. They may work for large corporations, non-profit organizations, or public figures. Public relations specialists are usually responsible for drafting press releases to get information about an organization’s latest products or events, building relationships with the media, managing the company’s social media presence, and conducting research.

Depending on the company they are employed with, PR professionals may work in an office or home. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, public relations specialists typically need experience in writing press releases and developing media contacts.


Architects are responsible for designing and planning buildings, from schools to skyscrapers and everything in between. They must be creative and have a good understanding of math, science, and engineering. A degree from one of the many accredited architecture colleges is typically required to become an architect. In addition to completing college coursework, applicants need years of hands-on experience working with architects. Architects will work in teams to complete a project and manage multiple tasks while meeting strict deadlines.


Architects must calmly communicate with clients and team members in a high-stress environment. They also need to be detail-oriented and have a strong work ethic since the job involves long hours of sitting in front of a computer or working on blueprints.

Computer Science

Computer scientists are interested in how computers work and develop new technology. They design programs, create websites, and find solutions to technical problems. Computer science degrees can be found at both the bachelor and graduate levels. These professionals work a standard 40-hour week in an office or lab environment.

Several different job titles fall under the computer science umbrella. For example, software engineers develop computer programs, while systems analysts study organizations’ computer networks to identify areas for improvement. Computer scientists need strong problem-solving skills and some level of creativity to devise innovative ways to improve their employer’s system.

Creative Writing

Creative writers write fiction or non-fiction material for books, magazines, or other outlets. When working on a creative writing project, writers can set their hours and work from home. In the past, creativity was seen as an unteachable quality – something you were either born with or not. According to this way of thinking, creative writing was a gift you either had or didn’t.

creative writing

Today, however, great strides are being made in the field of creative writing instruction. There are now many programs that help people develop their writing skills and nurture their creativity. Creative writers need excellent communication skills and a good understanding of grammar.


Journalists research and write news stories for magazines, newspapers, or television and radio broadcasts. Since breaking news can come at any time from anywhere, journalists need to work under pressure and be willing to travel for work. Journalists also need to have excellent communication skills to talk to people from different backgrounds.

A bachelor’s degree is not necessary to become a journalist, but it often helps to have a degree in a subject such as English, journalism, or communications. While some journalists work full-time, others may find part-time work at print or online publications. Journalists need to meet tight deadlines and juggle multiple projects at once with little supervision.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers create visual concepts using images and words. They use their clients’ media to communicate ideas in an aesthetically pleasing way while also conveying the intended message. Graphic designers work with other professionals, such as writers or photographers, to complete projects like designing logos or printables for kids. To become graphic designers, students need an education in design theory and practical experience.

graphic design

Typically, graphic designers work in an office environment or they can work from home. They may also have to travel occasionally to attend client meetings or visit printing plants for jobs requiring material samples. Designers may work long hours, often putting in extra time to meet deadlines or finish projects, but it can be very satisfying work.

Creatives and dreamers have various options when it comes to choosing a job. Some of the most common creative jobs are listed above. These jobs combine creativity, innovation, and skillful problem-solving to create a good work environment.

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