Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Wine

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trackrunLet’s be honest. I am guilty of sticking with my favorite bargain grocery store wines instead of taking a risk and potentially getting a bottle I don’t particularly like…which happens often when buying from the “economy” section at the supermarket. For those of us that love wine but aren’t sure how to “try” new ones, it can be a daunting task, branching out from our favorites. Luckily this summer, I can rely on Chardonnay Box to deliver hand chosen Chardonnays right to my house. Sounds like a win/win to me!

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Summer time is the perfect opportunity to explore the warm, buttery tones of Chardonnay. During the summer, we have people coming and going all the time which leaves us dashing to the store to grab a wine that will be neutral enough to go with everything, but tasty enough that everyone will enjoy. While bottom shelf is often a favorite go-to for us, we don’t want to embarrass ourselves with guests! Chardonnay always seems to be the winner which makes sense since it is the most widely consumed wine in the country. With Chardonnay Box, I can have two different bottles shipped to me directly each month. Yes please!

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Chardonnay Box is a monthly wine club that ships to California, Idaho, New Mexico, Missouri and Washington D.C. Customers can choose to have two bottles or three bottles of different Chardonnay shipped monthly and enjoy exclusive labels chosen from wine experts. Every bottle is approved by the CEO who is in the top 5% of wine experts in the world through training with the Master Court of Sommeliers. The tasting notes are also written by the CEO and feature a fun fact or story with easy to read details that describe the wine in approachable terms.

Life is too short to drink bad wine. ~ Anonymous

The blog on Chardonnay Box features a glimpse into David Hewlett’s passion for chardonnay, and his ability to capture the taste of a wine and its personality in the tasting notes. Hewlett, takes pride in researching “the chardonnays ahead of time to make sure they will fit the flavor profile of [his] customers”. On a trip to Blackjack Ranch, Hewlett was particularly excited because their tasting room “was featured in the movie Sideways”, and he tried two of their chardonnays. Of the two, the Chardonnay “21” hit the mark for the delicious buttery notes that characterize the bottle in Chardonnay Box. He describes the tastes as “buttered popcorn, cream, cantaloupe, Fuji apple, toast and a little dessert wine flavors that hit the tongue in a big way.” The descriptions bring the wine to life, and allow me to almost imagine it hitting my tongue.

If you’re a fan of supporting start-ups or family-owned operations, you’ll be happy to know that each bottle is chosen from smaller wineries – giving customers a chance to try wines that aren’t easy to find, and they might not have tried otherwise. Instead of some of those other wine subscriptions that buy wholesale and “market” as premium, Chardonnay Box is delivering unique bottles of wine that appeal to the Chardonnay lover’s specific profile. All Chardonnays, all the time. No suffering through a red or other varietal when I already know what I want – a Chardonnay! I also love that I now have higher quality Chardonnay conveniently shipped to my doorstep, with each bottle being a complete surprise when you open it!

chardonnay box

Visit Chardonnay Box to discover a new way to try high-quality, hand-selected Chardonnays that are similar to brands like Rombauer, Frank Family and Miner. Cheers!

Now through August you can get 10% off your first shipment of two bottles with the coupon code trynewchardonnay.

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5 thoughts on “Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Wine”

  1. This is one subscription box that I will seriously consider. How cool is that to have two bottles of perfectly curated wine delivered to your doorstep every month! Thank you for letting me know about this!

  2. The Chardonnay Box is a unique subscription box! I love that the wine is curated by experts so I know I will be getting the best bottles of wine every month. Totally checking this out. Thanks!


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