7 Crafts for the Lunar New Year

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As 2015 comes to an end, we prepare ourselves for the celebrations and traditions to welcome the arrival of the New Year. However, not everyone celebrates the new year according to the standard Gregorian calendar. For Asians all over the world, including Asian-Americans, they are preparing themselves for Lunar New Year also known as Chinese New Year. This new year is designated by the lunar cycles of the moon and the cyclical rituals of agrarian societies such as those in the long history of China. Because it is not based on the standard calendar, the date changes each year, and it will fall on February 8th in 2016.

It is a public holiday that lasts for seven days of celebration in which most people do not work. Its origins are linked with the agricultural sequences of farmers, and the Chinese calendar which stretches as far back as the third millennium BCE. The Lunar New Year was the time at the end of winter when farmers could break from their work before the next growing season began. It became a celebration of the arrival of the new year as well as the end of winter and the approaching spring that would bring with it a new fertile season of growth. Families would travel from all over to be together during this symbolic time and celebrate together looking forward to all the good the new year would bring. This holiday is one of the most important in Asian countries.


Here are 7 crafts that are symbols of the holiday and its long standing traditions.

MalMal Our Inspiration

Fire crackers and fireworks were invented in China, and they are used often in celebrations such the Lunar New Year. MalMal Our Inspiration offers a creative way to string firecrackers together to display as decoration until they are lit in celebration.

One Dog Woof

Create these beautiful red envelopes from One Dog Woof. Small gifts of money are often given during the celebrations of Lunar New Year. These envelopes are the perfect creation to give monetary gifts or take cue from One Dog Woof and use chocolate coins. Yum!


Sturdy for Common ThingsLanterns are a popular decoration, and there are many easy to make designs. These fun and festive paper lanterns from Sturdy for Common Things are perfect for the Lunar New year.


Gift of Curiosity

These drums by Gift of Curiosity  are a great craft to get kids involved. Modeled after the Bolang Gu also known as the pellet drum it is a common instrument used in Chinese music.


First Palette

A symbol of prosperity and luck, the coin tree is a Chinese ornament used often for decoration. First Palette has instructions on how to easily make your own artistic rendering.

Crafts ‘n Coffee

The dragon represents power and strength so it is only appropriate that it has a place in the traditions of Chinese New Year. Find out how to make your own dragon from Crafts ‘n Coffee.


These paper decorations can be used to dress up a basic string of lights making a beautiful addition to the festive décor of the Lunar New Year. Unsophisticook has the directions to create them.


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  1. I love all of these! The drums are something similar that I’ve seen in Chile where my father is from! I really love all the amazing colors, and that some of the crafts get the kids involved.

  2. I’ve always wanted to do something with the red envelopes, but never got around to it. That Best Buy GC sleeve design is really cool!


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