Creative Ways to Reconnect With Your Spouse This Summer

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Lately, there have ben changes to everyday life that have been quite an adjustment. Parents have had to adjust to working from home and caring for their children simultaneously. Add to that the stress of keeping everyone safe, maintaining strained finances, and the limited time to focus on their own wellbeing and interests, and you’ve got a recipe for emotional and relational overwhelm. 

Fortunately, the country is slowly starting to reopen just as the summer season approaches. Though it is still important to remain safe, take this opportunity to reconnect with your spouse. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are plenty of things the two of you can do to escape the crazy “new normal”. Check out these ideas listed below: 

Romantic Backyard Dinner for Two

Your favorite restaurants may not be open for dine-in just yet, but that doesn’t mean the two of you can’t enjoy a nice meal together. The best part is, you don’t have to travel far to accomplish this. Whether you have a large outdoor oasis or a simple patio or balcony, you can transform your backyard into a romantic scene for two

Set the tone with a table and chairs, a fancy tablecloth, linens, dishes, silverware, and candles. Add a nice centerpiece like floating candles or a bouquet of fresh flowers. Create a nice playlist of love songs the two of you love and connect your smartphone to some Bluetooth speakers. Then, decide on a menu and prepare a nice meal on the grill. Spend time just enjoying your meal, talking, and enjoying the warm summer night. 

Weekend Staycation

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You may not want to travel too far right now, but you can still get away from the house for the weekend and have fun as a couple. Simply plan a fun-filled weekend staycation. You can find really good deals on local hotels these days.

A lot of hotels have activities on-site that can keep you entertained and social distant like a pool or outdoor sports area. If you’re feeling brave, some of the spas and casino table games are open too. You guys could have a ton of fun reconnecting without ever having to leave the premises. 

Go Camping

If the two of you are the outdoorsy type, then you can reconnect with one another by going camping. Lots of campsites and state parks are reopening and have implemented health and safety measures to protect campers. You could go old-school, pack your supplies in the car, and find a local area to pitch a tent and “live off the land”.

If you prefer some of the modern comforts, however, you could always rent an RV and go glamping instead. Depending on where you decide to camp you guys can take a nice hike, rent a boat and go fishing, swim in the lake, have a picnic, play outdoor sports, or simply cozy up next to an open fire under the midnight sky. 

Go on a Road Trip

Time to hop in the car, roll the windows down, and take a cruise as the wind blows in your hair and the sun shines on your skin. A good old-fashioned road trip is the perfect way to reconnect as a couple. You don’t have to travel out of state to have a good time either. Simply pick a destination you’ve never been to and head off to see what there is to offer.

Be sure to carefully plan your social distancing activities and check to make sure places of interest are open and available for visiting first.  Then create an awesome playlist, pack some snacks, and find ways to stay entertained on the road (ask 20 questions, play never have I ever, etc). 

Parents have had to go into overdrive making sure that their families are safe and provided for since the start of all this. This added pressure has likely caused some strain on your relationship.

Now that things are starting to reopen, it’s time for you to prioritize your marriage. Leave the kids with a trusted sitter for a few hours (or days) and indulge in fun activities that put the excitement, romance, and fun back into your relationship.

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