Tips for Choosing a Diaper Bag with Style + Function

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What’s the ultimate Mom accessory? The answer to that depends on the age of your children of course, but at some point its definitely the diaper bag. Doesn’t sound very glamorous, does it? Well guess what, style and function can co-exist and there are some super fabulous diaper bags available that you’ll want to keep around even after the kids are potty trained!

Tips for Choosing a Diaper Bag with Style + Function

Remember when diaper bags were made more for the baby than you, covered in characters and only available in pastel colors? Time has changed and now bags are available in every shape, size and color you can imagine! While I wish it was all about how the bag looks, I quickly learned how the bag functions is just as important.

The first diaper bag I purchased was a gift for my hubby on Father’s Day, months before our first child was born. After we used it a few times we realized it wasn’t going to work for us, it was just too small. So I recommend waiting until your child is born and then going to the store and handling the diaper bags. Does it hold everything you want to carry? Is it easy to access the diapers and wipes? Will it stay on the stroller?

My Favorite Diaper Bags: Style + Function
JuJu Be All

After doing hours of research, we purchased our next bag the Ju-Ju Be Be All online (again), but this time I got lucky and it was perfect! Some of my favorite features of this bag are: the metallic hardware, machine washable, magnetic closure, pockets, pockets and pockets and the memory foam changing pad! One of the biggest challenges was finding a bag I liked and one my husband would carry, a much bigger debate than I imagined. He refused to carry any bag that might be mistaken for a purse or had a flowery print!

We used our Be All for almost two years and then our son was born. Two children in diapers, meant twice as much stuff to carry around so I used it as an excuse to purchase a new diaper bag! I picked out a Timi and Leslie bag that was stylish and functional (photo at top of page) and could be used later as a purse. I was vetoed by the hubby. Unfortunately, we were also on a budget and the Kate Spade and Coach diapers bags wouldn’t fit in our range. Since, we liked our Ju-Ju Be bag and it held up well, we replaced it with another larger mode,l the Ju-Ju Be BFF, and its worked great too.

If you’re on a budget $50-$100, I recommend considering Skip Hop or Kalencom. The Skip Hop Versa, priced at $70 on Amazon is stylish and has nine pockets so everything has a place. Kalencom bags have roomy interiors and their laminated designs are durable and easy to clean. In the $150+ range look at Ju Ju Be, Reese Li, and Petunia Pickle Bottom. Ready to splurge on a designer diaper bag? My favorites are Kate Spade, her designs are simple, elegant and functional. Mia Bossi, Coach and Storksak are also a few of my favorites.

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Bag

  • Make sure its small or large enough to accommodate your needs
  • Check to make sure it will fit under your stroller as well as on the handle safely
  • Choose the style that works best, if you need both hands go with a backpack, want to use it later for your laptop, bring it to make sure it will fit
  • Research the brand you’re considering online
  • Remember this is something you’ll use even more frequently than your purse and needs to be easy to clean and durable
What’s your favorite diaper bag and how did you choose it?


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  1. I like how you stated that when choosing a diaper bag, you need to make sure it’s small or large enough to accommodate your needs. Recently, I’ve been trying to find a diaper bag, because I’m having my first child. I will definitely utilize all of your great tips and information when trying to find the perfect diaper bag for me.


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