20 Disney Beauty and the Beast Crafts and Recipes

Make a paper horse (Faithful Phillipe)

Bring Faithful Phillipe, Belle’s loyal horse to life with some cardstock, string, paint and glue. Disney Family Fun provides the template and step-by-step instructions to create your own trusty steed. In addition to telling and showing you how to construct Phillipe they also have suggestions for creating a background scene:sandpaper or a neutral-colored foam drawer/shelf liner to make ground, use a model horse stable for background props or paint your own stable on cardboard and prop it up , prop suggestions inlude using a toy wagon and fill with dry grass, straw or make tiny hay bales. Be creative!

Go here  for template. You’ll need: Scissors, Pencil, Golden brown heavy cardstock , Dark brown colored pencil, Craft paint in: dark brown, medium brown, cream or light tan, and white, Small paintbrush,Mod Podge and medium-size paintbrush or foam brush, Off-white cotton yarn (medium-weight multi-play yarn is recommended),Glue dots, 2 paper clips, Pliers, Good quality glue stick or tacky glue,pinch-style clothespins  and black construction or craft paper. Follow step-by-step directions at Disney Family Fun.

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  1. OMGosh!!! TY TY TY for posting this. One of my nieces is a Princess FREAK. Yes…everything is princess right now and to add to that, she LOVES to bake with Grandma and as if that wasn’t enough, she’s a budding artist. If I didn’t know better I’d swear you wrote this with her picture in front of her. I’ll be sending this to my mom as well as keeping it bookmarked here for when she comes to visit me. Thank you for all the new ideas. I can’t wait to get started.

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