diy seashell ornaments

Aside from having a beautiful location in the Dominican Republic, one of the things I love most about our wedding is something I hadn’t even thought of in all my pre-planning – repurposing decor and items from our big day. One of my favorites, making seashell Christmas ornaments, literally just came to when we bought our first Christmas tree and I realized we had no ornaments to put on it! I still hadn’t unpacked/put away the majority of our wedding decor so the idea was literally just staring at me in the face.

diy seashell ornaments 1


Incredibly easy with only 3 items needed (shells, twine and a hot glue gun), it only took me about 10 minutes to make about 20 ornaments.

diy seashell ornaments 2

Cut a length of twin and tie in a knot to form a loop and grab a shell.

diy seashell ornaments 3

Look for a natural place to place the twine hanger. Think about how you want the shell to hang (what side is up and which is down).

diy seashell ornaments 4

This particular style shell has a beautiful groove that is ready and perfect for my twine loop. Simply tuck it in and

diy seashell ornaments 5then glue it into place. (I also placed a small amount of glue over the top of the groove to prevent the twine from coming out while hanging.)

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diy seashell ornaments 6

Tada! I told you it was easy, right?

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