DIY Seashell Christmas Ornaments

diy seashell ornaments

Aside from having a beautiful location in the Dominican Republic, one of the things I love most about our wedding is something I hadn’t even thought of in all my pre-planning – repurposing decor and items from our big day. One of my favorites, making seashell Christmas ornaments, literally just came to when we bought our first Christmas tree and I realized we had no ornaments to put on it! I still hadn’t unpacked/put away the majority of our wedding decor so the idea was literally just staring at me in the face.

diy seashell ornaments 1


Incredibly easy with only 3 items needed (shells, twine and a hot glue gun), it only took me about 10 minutes to make about 20 ornaments.

diy seashell ornaments 2

Cut a length of twin and tie in a knot to form a loop and grab a shell.

diy seashell ornaments 3

Look for a natural place to place the twine hanger. Think about how you want the shell to hang (what side is up and which is down).

diy seashell ornaments 4

This particular style shell has a beautiful groove that is ready and perfect for my twine loop. Simply tuck it in and

diy seashell ornaments 5then glue it into place. (I also placed a small amount of glue over the top of the groove to prevent the twine from coming out while hanging.)

diy seashell ornaments 6

Tada! I told you it was easy, right?

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13 thoughts on “DIY Seashell Christmas Ornaments”

  1. I have shells at home that this would work with. We love the beach so this would be a good fit for us.

  2. Gorgeous, and a perfect use of those pretty shells. I love the twine addition. So much more attractive than ribbon.

  3. That is such a cute idea! I always collect shells from trips but then never know what to do with them! You could even write the location where you got the shell on the outside!

  4. What an easy way to make Seashell Christmas Ornaments! We always like to pick up shells when we are at the beach. I need to start repurposing them instead of letting them collect in a jar.

  5. Very easy I am going to save this on my pinterest board for next year I like to do a theme for my tree every year and I was thinking the beach for one Christmas.


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