Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and it offers endless ways express your style. Wedding invitations are the perfect tool to set the tone and give guests a sneak peek of the big event! Now, I know the guys get so tired of making decisions that the invitations usually fall into the bride’s pile of responsibilities. However, if you’re thinking outside of the box, you both may have some fun designing and creating your invitations together.

Here are some fun ways to personalize your wedding invitations:

  • Use the Wedding Cake Stamp, this gorgeous stamp accommodates the heavier weight of an invitation, and other mailings such as oversize cards or small gifts that require extra postage. The three tier wedding cake was taken created and designed by pastry chef Peter Brett of Washington, DC and photographed by Renée Comet of Washington, DC. Art director Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, MD, designed the stamp.
Fun Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations
Photo Credit Expressionery
Fun Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations
Invitation using corner punch Photo Credit Faith Abigail Designs
  • Use corner punches to add design elements to your invitations
  • Add texture with ribbon, buttons, feathers, objects like shells, keys, etc.
  • Instead of using a traditional envelope, place your invitation in a burlap sack, gift box, CD case, ornament
  • Use wax seals with your initials, designs, and colors that compliment your theme
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Fun Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations
Photo Credit Passion Paper
  • Send your invitation in a box, a bottle, printed on a balloon, candy wrapper, handkerchief, etc.
  • Destination wedding invitations could be sent on a postcard from the location, include a map of the city, or have fun facts about the destination


Fun Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations
Photo Credit Passion Paper
  • Break out your artist skills and watercolors, and paint your wedding invitations
  • Choose a special photo or have artwork commissioned, either of you as a couple or the destination

What’s the most unique and personal wedding invitation you’ve received?


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