Creating a Guy Approved Easter Basket

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Easter is going to be different this year. A lot of holidays will be this year as my husband will be “working away” for the better part of seven months as he deploys across the ocean. It’s our first deployment and as much I’m dreading the time and distance apart, sending care packages to each other is one of the highlights of military life. Even though he hasn’t left quite yet, I’ve already started to assemble my husband’s first care package for Easter. Instead of packing the usual candy and gift cards, I took a trip to Walmart to create something “Guy Approved” – Easter baskets for men stuffed with things he will need, want and appreciate. 

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My first stop? Directly to the snack aisle for a meaty treat. “Ship chow” is notoriously awful and he finds himself living off his favorite snack foods between meals. During training months at sea, I often pack him packages of tasty meaty snacks to munch on and this real deployment is no different. They help fill his belly on nights when the galley is serving those “mystery” potatoes he’s certain he already had for breakfast two days ago. Slim Jim 26 count packs are great because they’re slim and easily stored in his locker, while individual wrapped sticks can be slipped in his pockets for snacking during a shift.

Food might be the way to his heart (and belly) but things can get boring fairly quickly when you spend weeks on end without land in sight, so I wanted to include some fun items in his basket as well. My husband listens to music more than any person I know so a small portable speaker was a no brainer. 

I also filled the basket with movies he can share with friends or watch in the evenings, card games for everyone to play during down time, and a few basic necessities. I wanted to include items to help him have a good time on the opportunities he could get off the ship too. A waterproof container for storing his phone, a wallet and a couple of extra Slim Jims are perfect for his adventures. Overall, I think I created a pretty good guy-approved Easter basket to make him smile and help him have a good time no matter where he is. 

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  1. that bold basket lookss very interesting for all men! i should suggest this to my sister! we have to get this together for our husbands!


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