Enhance Your Backyard With A Pergola

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Using pergolas from Softwoods enhances every backyard. Backyards are blank slates that homeowners get to use pergolas and other installations to make their backyard more than a patch of grass. The many uses for a pergola change the design focus of the space. You can purchase a pre-made pergola, or if you’re handy, make one yourself!

via Popular Mechanics
via Popular Mechanics


Many families use pergolas to grow vines or foods that grow on vines. The family chef can grow a gorgeous grape and tomato vine on the pergola to harvest. Also, the family chef can make the space look more beautiful with these tomatoes and grapes.

Inedible vines can be grown all around the pergolas to make them look more natural. The family install a pergola in a natural color, but the green of the vine is often more appealing in the backyard when people come over to visit.

For Cover

Using a pergola for shelter is a good idea in the hot summer. A pergola does not carry a complete roof, but the pergola does provide shade that will make the people in the backyard more comfortable. Setting a sitting or reading area on the pergola enhances the space, gives the family a quiet place to relax and still allows sunlight to fall on the occupants.

For Entertainment

Pergolas are often the entertainment centers of the backyard. A family can design a pergola that rests next to their pool or playground. A wet bar, entertainment center and fireplace can be installed under the pergola as part of an entertainment space. The family can have guests over and entertain them in the out of doors under the cover of the pergola.


Pergolas are not very comfortable when it rains, but creative families can place linen coverings on the top of the pergola to catch some of the rain that falls. This make the pergola a haven during a summer shower without blocking all the sunlight that would come in otherwise.

Pergolas make backyards look nice because they add a design element that families cannot find any other way. Each new pergola is chance for the family to expand their home to their lawn. Parties can be held on the pergola. The pergola can become a nice place to relax, and the pergola increases the value of the home nearly instantly.

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