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Do you watch your child struggle with homework and feel helpless? New teaching approaches, busy schedules, and lack of reliable tutors can leave you just as frustrated as your child. If they aren’t properly understanding their lessons, it can be easy to fall behind and the struggle will only become more difficult as they fail to grasp the necessary building blocks that will become the foundation for future learning. Without proper tutoring, a child’s learning capacity could be hindered and affect not only their schooling but their entire future. If your child needs tutoring, but you have been unable to find reliable help, Everly Tutoring is changing the way parents access tutoring.

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As of right now, there are no private national tutoring agencies that lead the industry with their services. The companies that do offer tutoring in K-12, work within a franchise model because of the difficulty in creating a national organization. However, Everly, Inc. is changing the entire approach to finding a tutor. The founders of this movement are twin brothers, Mark and Michael Berookim that have spent much of their life creating tutoring companies to help kids in K-12. These entrepreneurs have made it their dream to build large scale tutoring companies using technology. At the young age of 19, they started approaching their dream of helping kids all over the country, beginning their initial plans right in their childhood bedroom before they even reached their twenties.

In the years they have been slowly developing their tech enabled platform, they have reached over 170,000 students in over 100 school districts in a variety of demographics. Now, they are taking it a step further to help even more students. Using technology, they have simplified the procedure of hiring a tutor, and it is allowing students to get the help they need.

Everly is redefining one on one tutoring using technology and creating a business that is considered the “Uber of tutoring.” This is an industry changing start up that will make it easier for students to receive quality academic.

This on-demand tutoring app allows you to search for tutors in your area that have graduated from top universities. Fill out a few questions to determine exactly what your child needs, and you will be shown available tutors. Each tutor is highly vetted with background checks, and you can view their profiles, reviews, and an “about me” video. As parents you can arrange meetings in any location you prefer, even in-home, and tutors will arrive with tailor made lesson plans to meet your child’s needs. A preset standard fee will be applied to your card only after the tutoring session is completed, making it simple and convenient to pay. Everly is also developing a variety of additional resources including monthly progress reports to help track your child’s academic performance.

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Their impressive Board of Advisors include:

  • Frank Biden – President of Maverick Schools & Brother of U.S. V.P. Joe Biden
  • George Cigale – Founder of
  • Jack O’Connell – California’s former top education official
  • Steve Soboroff – President of LA Police Commission
  • Caprice Young – Former Board President of LAUSD

Everly is determined to help students achieve their full potential. You can download the Apple App on your phone and start changing your child’s academic path today. Visit Everly, Inc. for more information.

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This post is written on behalf of Everly by me. All opinions remain my own.

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