Best Fort Lauderdale Beach Restaurants

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In this article, we´ll talk about just that: some of the greatest beaches in Fort Lauderdale along with the best Fort Lauderdale beach restaurants to eat after a long day of fun in the sun.

There is nothing to work up one’s appetite like going to the beach. Swimming, playing beach volleyball, or just going around in the sun enjoying the breeze are just the greatest activities for getting anyone hungry.

And of course, there is no simpler pleasure than eating when you’re hungry, so naturally, there is nothing quite as good to do on your vacations as eating after a long day at the beach.

So, pack up your swimsuit some sunblock and remember not to fill up on bread

How to Spend a Day in Fort Lauderdale

But first, some practical advice: Since you’re going to the beach and then to some other venue be sure to pack with you some extra clothes in case you want to change outfits when leaving the beach and going to the restaurant.

Also, places such as Fort Lauderdale can be challenging to traverse on foot.

Since you’re going to be caring your beach supplies, public transport options may be uncomfortable to use, especially since you don’t know if they are going to get you to the places you need to go.

Paradise Beach Fort Lauderdale Florida

A great option for transportation on this beach and food adventure is to look for a rental car.

Having a car allows you to move efficiently through the city, with the added bonus that you can effortlessly transport everything you need for both a day on the beach and an afternoon at a nice restaurant.

There are many different types of vehicles in all size categories that adapt to every type of traveler, be it a family, a couple on their honeymoon or just some friends enjoying spring break.          

Now, without further ado let’s get started!

Nanou French Bakery & Cafe 

I know I promised we would be going to the beach but before, why don’t we have breakfast first?

Ok… ok I know I might be cheating a little bit by putting a restaurant before we go to the beach but hey, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

If you’re going to eat in Fort Lauderdale’s restaurants then you might as well discover a great place for breakfast.

best fort lauderdale beach restaurants

Nanou French Bakery & Cafe is a charming little café that offers great staples of French breakfast such as omelets and quiches, alongside with fresh croissants and a huge selection of tasty pastries.

Costumers report the staff to be very friendly and quick and the croissants to be simply remarkable.

The bakery is located along the Las Olas Boulevard and has its own parking space.

However, be aware that the parking space is quite limited so getting there early would be a smart move, after all, you´re going for breakfasts anyway.           

Las Olas Beach

Ok now that breakfast is out of the way, we can get to the fun in the sun and since our breakfast option is already around the area let’s start with Las Olas Beach.

Las Olas beach stands as one of Fort Lauderdale’s most recognizable beaches.

It’s a very urbanized beach so there are a lot of shops and things to do around, which is always a plus.

las olas beach fort lauderdale florida

The beach is very clean and the sand is soft and great to walk in, unlike other beaches, this one tends not to get very overcrowded.

Even if it does there are always quieter spaces on the north end of the beach.

There are many available parking sites that range in prices but visitors say that those prices are never too outrageous.

Pompano Beach 

Pompano Beach is just a half an hour drive away from Fort Lauderdale.

This beach offers a quieter, but still awesome place to enjoy the sun and the waves.

Most visitors describe it as a very clean beach that tends not to be very busy nor noisy, perfect for those just want to relax on the sun.

The water is warm and shallow perfect for a swim.

If you have a fishing license and want to fish out your dinner instead of going to a restaurant there is a fishing pier, see if you can catch a pompano!    

pompano beach florida pier

There is a variety of parking options around the beach so if you get early you can for sure find a parking lot near the beach at a reasonable price.

There might be some restrictions on the beach as sometimes sea turtles make their nests in there.


Hopefully, by now, all the fun in the sun has worked up an appetite and now we must start our hungry tour around Fort Lauderdale.

Let’s get lunch, and to keep up with the beach vibes let’s begin with Mai-Kai. Mai-Kai is the kind of place in which you can just relax and forget about the world.

This restaurant offers an exotic experience, as soon as you enter you feel as if you were on a tropical island in the Pacific.

The restaurant itself if organized so that each room reflects a different region in the Polynesian Islands. You can get an authentic Pacific island experience even on the shores of the Atlantic! 

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The menu offers an amazing mix of flavors inspired on the Polynesian islands; you can find everything from honey glazed chicken to Cantonese Lobster.

There is also a great variety of tropical drinks. Along with the great food, there are also Polynesian shows that feature typical Polynesian dances and even amazing fire dances involving torches.      

The restaurant is only a 15-minute drive away from Las Olas Beach, so if you rented a car, you can go swimming on a beach on the Atlantic and then have lunch themed on the Pacific!

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As for parking, you pay 5 dollars for the spot and 10 dollars if you want the valet parking option.

Charm City Burgers

Now let’s say you’re not in the mood for fancy restaurants and just want to have a quick bite after a day at the beach. Well, don’t worry I got you covered!

Charm City Burgers offers great burgers for a great price. If you’re not in the mood for anything fancy but still want to eat some amazing local burgers this is just the place for you.


Costumers often say that not only the burgers are good but the milkshakes and the sides too! 

Now, the place itself might be a little bit small in comparison with other restaurants but then again, if you’re not in the mood for going to a restaurant you can just take your order to go and eat at the hotel.   

Chill-n Nitrogen Ice Cream

If you thought we wouldn’t end this article with a place to have an awesome dessert, then you’re wrong, because there is nothing better to end a hot day at the beach than delicious ice cream.

Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream offers just that but with a cool (pun definitively intended) scientific twist.

In Chill-n Nitrogen Ice Cream you get to make a new flavor and then see how your ice cream is made in front of you with supercooled liquid nitrogen!

chill n ice cream

How cool is that? (for anyone wondering It’s about -346°F)

Due to the process in which this ice cream is made, most costumers report it to be way smoother than most other ice creams.

It’s a plus if you come with kids, they’ll be fascinated too choose the flavor of their ice cream and see how it made right in front of them. 

There are parking options close by on the 2635 N Federal Highway parking, and next to the shop itself. 

And there you go; I hope your visit to the beach opens your appetite and leaves you ready to eat everything that Fort Lauderdale has to offer! 

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