DIY Mason Jar Back To School Gift For Teachers

Last year was Maddilyn’s first year of preschool and along with it came many other first. Being the shopaholics we are, we loved ‘first’ back to school shopping. In addition to the fun new clothes, backpack and school supplies we also wanted to contribute to the classroom. According to a 2013 study conducted by the the National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA), 99.5 percent of all public school teachers spent some amount of money out of pocket, with the national average for 2013-2013 coming in at $485 among those surveyed.

Broken down:

  • $149 out of pocket went toward school supplies;
  • $198 went for instructional materials; and
  • $138 was spent on “other classroom supplies.”

I think it goes without saying that most teachers are truly invested in our students. I wanted to say thanks by helping ease that burden with a back to school gift kit. Her teacher was so appreciative that I knew right away this is something I would do each year. So we’re back at it this year with a fun “DIY Mason Jar Back To School Gift”.

Back To School Gift For Teachers 4

DIY Mason Jar Back To School Gift For Teachers 


  • Mason Jar
  • Spray Paint
  • Label
  • Sharpie Precision Markers
  • Uniball Pens
  • Paper Mate Pencils
  • A note introducing your student
  • Office Max/Office Depot Coupon for $5 off $20 on Select Newell Rubbermaid Brands
    (PaperMate, Expo Neon Window Markers, Sharpie, Uni-Ball, & Mr. Sketch) Print one for you or one for the teacher
  • Gift Card to Office Max or Office Depot for More Supplies (optional)
  • A handmade card introducing your student

This fun gift took me just a few minutes (and a trip to Office Depot) to put together. Mason Jar Crafts are hot on Pinterest right now and it inspired me to create this multifunctional gift holder.
Back To School Gift For Teachers
I started with a plain mason jar and spray painted the outside a fun blue. I purchased a mason jar lid designed to hold a straw so that it could be used as a cup later – without the lid it could be used as a pencil/pen holder, vase or any number of creative uses.

Back To School Gift For Teachers 1

Borrowing one Sharpie markers, I then added a matching label to the jar. 

Back To School Gift For Teachers 2

After that it was a simple matter of filling the far with goodies from the materials list like Sharpies, Paper Mate Pencils and Uniball Pens. P.S. purchasing those particular pens donated $0.40 to the City of Hope for breast cancer research. 

Back To School Gift For Teachers 3

Now the gift just needs to be delivered on the first day of school! 

Back To School Gift For Teachers 5

42 thoughts on “DIY Mason Jar Back To School Gift For Teachers”

  1. I always forget about spray painting mason jars. Thanks for the craft reminder. What a frugal and classy way to give something to the teacher.

  2. This is such a cute gift idea for teachers! I want to do something special like this for the teachers for our kids. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The gift idea is super cute. I like the idea of using mason jars for everything. I have been using jars for stuff since I was a kid.

  4. We have a gift for my son’s Kindergarten teacher from last year. I’m so going to miss her. I’m sure the new teacher will be great too. And I’m sure your gifts will be appreciated by yours!

  5. Great idea!!! We got our teachers fresh flowers, this would make an awesome vase!! Hope you all have a great school year.

  6. Mason jars have really become popular. I’m from the south originally, so I’m really loving all the cool things people are doing with them. This teacher gift is a great idea.

  7. That’s a really cute idea. I think I’ll make one for my kids’ teachers. I’ve got a few mason jars floating around.

  8. Until this year I didn’t know BTS teacher gifts were a real thing. Now I’m seeing a ton. Your idea is so cute!

  9. Wow, this would really make a great centerpiece for a teacher’s desk, or to hold pens and pencils.Love it so much!

  10. This is a really cute idea. My husband works in schools and we spend hundreds of dollars each year on supplies. It’s a little crazy – yet necessary.


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