Closing my eyes, I press my cheek to the top of my son’s head and inhale deeply as the salty air kisses my lips. I smell our beach perfume. A mixture of sunshine, sea and sunblock with a hint of baby freshness that he is slowly losing each day. In front of me the waves are crashing along the shore creating a symphony that echoes the excitement in his sister Maddilyn’s voice. She and her father lay elaborate plans for a sand castle that will never end up constructed. Before her imagination becomes realization, she will be distracted by the tide. Inching ever closer as the minutes tick by, beckoning her to the sea like a mermaid. 

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These are the days of summer I’ve been waiting for. Hours spent beneath the sun, my body pressing curves and grooves into the sand as I watch my family play until the call of the sea becomes too great and we make our way down to it’s rolling edge. First it tickles our toes, causing shrieks of joy and surprise before snaking along our ankles to crash along our knees and finally beat against our midriffs. The waves pull us in further as Maddilyn is lifted over crests, her dad spinning her around and around, until their energy is spent and Maddilyn’s lips begin to pucker from the salty water.

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The shore calls her back with the promise of cool drinks and her new sun-warmed towels ready to transform our mermaid into Princess Elsa. More sand. More sun. This is my happy place. A place that traps us in tranquility. Forcing us to slow down and breathe. To relax and recharge for the week ahead.   

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If only this day could be bottled and purchased. Delivered to my door the same way its supplies were. I spend all week looking forward to these moments each weekend, but inevitably these idyllic moments are often delayed or cut short by the bustle of life. Running from one place to the next, picking up this supply or that for our beach escape. This weekend, I prepared differently. I shop my same favored stores like Target and Costco, all in one place from the comfort of my living express coupon codeInstead of sitting in traffic or waiting in lines, the exact beach supplies I want are tossed into a virtual shopping cart after mere seconds of searching for the perfect items. An adorable Pineapple Swimsuit for him joins new Speedo Swim Goggles for her. A cooler to keep her drinks cool, and the taste of salt from our mouths. The cart fills with items to make our happy place ever happier. After checkout my items arrive via Google Express on our doorstep, the same day or over night depending on my choice. Bonus, with a Google Express membership delivery is free! Although non-members can use the service too, delivery starts at $4.99 per store for eligible orders. *Find out more about delivery costs. See below on how to get a 6 month membership for free.

I can easily see how I could become addicted to this! Sure, I saved time and stress for our beach day, but what about the others days? You know, the really busy weekdays and nights where I’m running around like a mad woman trying to get kids to school on time, then to soccer practice, then to TaeKwonDo, and then somehow finding non-existent time to make dinners each night from scratch. The LAST thing I want to do or have time to do is stand in line at Costco or Kohl’s! I’m practically drooling at the fact that I can do my monthly Costco shopping from the comfort of my couch…..yyyyyyaaaaassssssss.

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Life should be more about the moments that make us happy, not the headaches that occur in preparing for them. When Google gave me a voucher to try Google Express, I knew that’s exactly what I would use it for. Now you can too! 

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If you’d like to give the service a try (and I highly recommend that you do!) I have a little gift for you…well, make that two gifts! 

  1. Get $15 off your first order by signing up here. Once you click on this link, you will see a confirmation of your $15 credit. Click on the blue “Start Shopping” button.
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  2. You will now be on the home page. Click the “try it today” button.
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  3. Now you’ll see an offer to get 3 months of membership for free. But because you’re one of my awesome readers, you can actually get 6 months free membership! Just click on the blue “Try it Free” button.
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  4. Now type in FREETIME in the promo code field and click “apply” to get a FREE 6-month membership (a $54 value). You’ll get an instant confirmation along with the exact date you will be charged for your membership, should you wish to continue. *I recommend choosing the 1 year membership plan, and should you not like the service, you can cancel any time before that date!
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  5. Now shop your favorite stores. When you are ready to check out, your $15 credit will automatically appear in your shopping cart. All you need to do is click on the word “REDEEM” just under the code and it will apply the credit to your order. *NOTE* if you do not see the credit waiting for you to redeem, simply type QVLUY75J6 in the promo code field :)
    Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.12.38 PM
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