Because Life is a Special Occasion

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The day my husband (then fiancee) and I found out we were pregnant there were many mixed emotions. On the one hand, we had a solid relationship and knew we would provide more love to our baby than anyone possibly could. On the other, we were not in an ideal place in our lives for having a child. When we made the trip home to tell our families we were filled with both joy and trepidation; knowing that while ultimately they would be happy for us, a part of them felt the same as we did.

My grandmother, who I tell everything, already knew and had a card waiting for us when we arrived. It’s currently packed away as we get ready to move and to be honest, I can’t remember what the card said word for word. I do remember that it’s a soft yellow with a bouquet of flowers. Instead of a ‘Congratulations Card’ it was an ‘I Love You’ themed card. I remember the way the card made me feel inside. Happy, relieved and hopeful. The words written inside outlined the qualities she loved about both Jake and I. It highlighted the strengths of our relationship and the reasons why we would make great parents. Without me saying a word, my grandmother knew exactly what we needed to hear. Not only did she mean every word, but she was absolutely right. It’s nearly five years later and I have been proud of our little family every single moment.

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That’s the beauty of a greeting card. It expresses the words you want to say eloquently, but leaves room to fill in all the little pieces that mean so much. It’s experiences like this that made me realize just how much a greeting card can brighten someone’s day. Now I send them all the time because they shouldn’t be reserved just for holidays – after all, LIFE is a special occasion!

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