Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Awesome Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for Adults

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For Her

As the Chinese Proverb goes, “Women hold up half the sky,” so you better be giving that special lady in your life something good. The ladies of the world are hard-working and definitely deserve a thoughtful gift. Please no bargain slippers, heart shaped jewelry or handmade cards (unless it is the cute kind from kids). Here are some of our favorite finds for the ladies in our lives! 

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7th Heaven Peel-Off Facial Masks

Retail Value $1.99 – $2.99

By the end of the holidays, we are all pretty stressed out and exhausted. Who couldn’t use a facial? The 7th Heaven Peel-Off Facial Masks are a great gift idea to help purify and re-energize tired, over-stressed skin. There are a variety of combinations to choose from depending on what your skin needs, and many combinations offered are vegan. They are a perfect idea for stocking stuffers and a nice way to indulge in some self-pampering.

prevention plus hydrating moisturizer spf 30 1IMAGE Skincare – Prevention +

It is difficult today to find quality skincare that isn’t filled with harmful ingredients. Just take a look at anything you have in your cabinet, and you will be hard-pressed to find a skincare item that isn’t filled with chemical ingredients you cannot pronounce. This was the same dilemma Janna Ronert found herself in back in 2003. Desperate to find a skincare line with safe and productive ingredients, she set out on a journey of her own creating a line of skincare creations with her husband (a board-certified plastic surgeon!), and they have introduced IMAGE Skincare. The Prevention + line has a variety of moisturizers with sunscreen and even tint to help keep skin supple and protected while covering blemishes. With its mineral based SPF, it is lightweight enough to wear under makeup and absorbs quickly for softer, smoother skin. Paraben free and great for sensitive skin, the Prevention + is perfect for all skin types and offers a healthier alternative to modern chemical filled products.

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Oojra Soy Candle

Retail Value $34.99

Need something for the person that has everything? You can’t go wrong with a soy candle. Everyone enjoys a pleasant smell and Oojra has a variety of delicious smelling soy candles. The CEO was inspired by her travels in Thailand and found the peaceful, natural scents of Jasmine and the like to be exactly the thing she needed to relax. She has spent years capturing these scents in diffusers and soy candles. The wide variety of candles include scents such as lavender, Japanese Cherry Blossom and even Canadian Christmas tree to make any space feel like a spa.



Derma – E

In a small health food store in Southern California, Derma-E was born with a simple moisturizer. This natural facial care brand started decades ago when they started selling a jar of Vitamin E 12,000 I.U. Moisturizing Cream. People were amazed by the results they experienced, and so began a line of products made only from the best vitamins and wholesome ingredients. As one of the largest natural facial care brands in the U.S., Derma-E is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors, gluten, soy or GMOs. Their line includes rejuvenating products like the Hydrating Night Cream, Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer, Essentials Radiance Toner and Vitamin C Concentrated Serum all of which work to transform and hydrate skin.    


For Him

valet stand

ClosetMate Executive Clothes Valet Stand

The ClosetMate Executive Clothes Valet Stand is solid hardwood texture with a Mahogany Wood finish. Equipped with: A trouser hanger bar, Jacket hanger, 3 chrome shoe bars, Tie and belt hanger, A tray organizer and metal bar for keys or wallet. Suit yourself with a stylish yet elegant looking Mahogany Wood valet stand Includes a circular tilt mirror.


Behold the power of the dark side

Meet the First Order’s new menace from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, BB-9E. This Sphero App-Enabled Droid houses sophisticated tech to support the First Order in eliminating galactic threats. This vigilant and intimidating astromech droid is always on high alert.

Control BB-9E with your smart device and see it roll just like on screen. Explore holographic environments like the First Order’s Supremacy Mega Star Destroyer and immerse yourself in the Star Wars galaxy. This is not the Droid you’re looking for, it’s the Droid that’s looking for you.


uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer

We love beer. But many of our favorite microbrews aren’t sold in bottles. The uKeg is the world’s most innovative draft beer growler. It keeps beer fresh, cold and carbonated, and goes wherever you go. Toast to flavor and friends. With a uKeg, your favorite beer will stay brewery fresh to the last pint, whether poured from your refrigerator or from your tailgate.

bucket boss

Bucket Boss

The Bucket Boss Bucketed BTO is the original bucket tool organizer. The BTO gives you the ability to hold plenty of your hand tools in a 5 gallon bucket. Made of poly rip stop/600D poly material and built with 30 pockets, the Bucketed fits any 5 gallon bucket. There are also 3 interior loops for hammers, drills, pry bars and long tools.

leg lamp

A Christmas Story 20 inch Leg Lamp

Lamp plugs in and lights up under the top shade as well and the leg itself lights. Christmas will not complete without the family sitting down to watch Ralphie’s misadventures. Just like in the movie, you can light up the living room with a comical leg lamp. And you don’t have enter any sweepstakes to get it. Get into the spirit in a really bright way. Capturing one of the funniest moments in the holiday classic, A Christmas Story, this Leg Lamp is a scale reproduction of the same lamp used in the popular film.

For Both

Copy of OralEssentialsJune2017 43 e1513261927248

Oral Essentials Whitening Strips 

Retail Value $39.99 for 28 strips

The elusive pearly white smile! After a season of wine, coffee, and way too many sweets, our teeth are dull and in need of some brightening. Oral Essentials has just come out with the first ever certified non-toxic Whitening Strips. They use a patent-pending combination of natural ingredients that won’t cause teeth sensitivity like those made from chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. Utilizing ingredients such as Dead Sea Salt, French Essential Oils, Coconut, Lemon Peel, and Sage Oils, these strips will whiten teeth quickly and effectively without causing damage that leads to sensitivity. Help your loved one start the new year with the confidence of a new smile.

flannel shirt collage

COAST Apparel

Retail Value $72.50

This prep-inspired beach brand has comfortable clothing from onesies to sweatshirts. The COAST Apparel line of sweatshirts, fleece vests and flannels are prefect for chilly winter weather and a great gift idea this Christmas. My favorite is the Waterfront Button Down. This unisex flannel is made from soft, breathable fabric, and it makes for an easy go to shirt for a laid-back breezy style.

Tanda Pillow

Tanda Pillow 

Retail Value $75 for a single/ $125 for a pair

While it won’t fit in a stocking, you can’t go wrong giving a pillow as a present. Most of us will need something to help us fall asleep after we get our credit card bill for the month of December, and this is the kind of pillow that will help you forget all about those mounting bills. The Tanda Pillow is a plush delight that has ATROS cooling technology which has scientifically proven to help induce sleep. It pulls cool air from the room then it transfers it to the body for a relaxing cooling sensation. Opti-Breeze foam makes the pillow soft and supportive to help lull you to sleep and a restful slumber. This pillow has been recommended but sleep specialist Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg, author of The Doctor’s Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress and Anxiety. Searching for the cool side of the pillow has finally come to an end!  


Retail Value $89.99

We have all experienced unexpected nausea whether it was from a rocky boat ride, a roller coaster or a bun in the oven (wink, wink), but now there is something that can help that doesn’t make you drowsy! The ReliefBand is a wearable technology that treats nausea associated with motion and morning sickness. It is clinically proven and FDA cleared to help ease the discomfort from nausea without using any kind of drugs. This band is simply placed on the wrist at the proper pressure point with the ReliefBand Gel which provides electrolytes and ensures effective and comfortable use of the band. Once in position, turn on the gentle pulsing stimulation until it produces a slight tingle in the palm and middle finger. Then, enjoy relief from your nausea related symptoms! It is safe, effective and easy to use.

For those that suffer from motion sickness or debilitating morning sickness, this cutting edge technology is providing the much needed relief so many seek in other less effective products and pills. This is my new go-to for ALL my travels. I keep it with me at all times in my purse or backpack and it truly works within minutes. I recommend it to all my motion sickness prone friends!

8 ct Lemon Lime Box with Individual Lemon Lime Stick

Liquid I.V. ™

Retail Value $24.99 for 16 Pack

Staying hydrated is crucial to health and well-being. From everyday movement to trying to lose weight, staying hydrated allows are bodies to work at optima efficiency. When we are dehydrated we become sluggish and more likely to make poor decisions from what we eat to our exercise routine. However, it can be difficult to drink those recommended eight glasses of water especially when coffee tastes so much better. The Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier is a portable powder drink mix that captures the science of Cellular Transport Technology to hydrate your cells quickly and efficiently. Based upon science pioneered by the World Health Organization, CTT uses a ratio of potassium, sodium and glucose to deliver water and key nutrients into the bloodstream. Just one stick of Liquid I.V. in 16 oz. of water is equivalent to drinking three bottles of water! This is a great gift for anyone constantly on the go and always forgetting about their health or those at the end of the spectrum always working to maintain their health. 

CAB NoSig3 4MacroBars 

Retail Value: Single Bar $2.89/Tray of 12 $34.68

Everyone loves a sweet treat and GoMacro® MacroBars™ are a delicious treat made from simple, clean ingredients. All of the MacroBars™ are certified vegan, gluten-free, organic, R.A.W., C.L.E.A.N., kosher and non-GMO project verified. Made with high protein and plant-based ingredients, they are nut-butter based nutrition bars with a chewy texture that if filling and scrumptious! A great snack to stuff in any stocking. 


This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. These are definitely some great ideas for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. Our kids love candy, toys and makeup and girlie stuff for the girls.


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