HomeAway: The New Way to Family Vacation

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Summer is upon us! For me, that means wedding season is in full bloom. This summer we happen to have a wedding in Northern Michigan in which my husband will be serving as a groomsman. We decided to take a little extra time off of work and make it a mini-vacation, however, it poses a few problems. We have an eight month old child and a dog so we needed a place to stay that would be accepting of screaming children (as infants are prone to doing) and furry, four legged family members. We knew from the get go that a cramped hotel room just wasn’t going to cut it.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HomeAway. All opinions and thoughts remain my own.

After a little research, we found the perfect vacation rental on HomeAway that works for our entire family. As the World’s leading online vacation rental marketplace, it provided us with everything we need to accommodate our whole family, even the furry members. We booked a house with multiple bedrooms and baths, adjacent to the beach, with plenty of hiking trails, and the best part, a completely affordable price. Now, we can bring along a sitter and our dog and still have lots of room to relax and enjoy our vacation. The whole family can come, and we don’t have to be limited by the tiny space of a hotel room or checkout times.

HomeAway provided double the space for only half the cost. Long gone are the days of stuffy hotel rooms with noisy neighbors and overpriced vacations. We can now vacation with the same comforts of home and enjoy all the activities we love with every member of the family!

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What I really enjoy about HomeAway is that it is a free resource for travelers with more than one million listings in over 190 countries. It doesn’t matter what your budget may be, there are rentals for everyone. You can literally rent anything from Castles to Condos!

Just enter your desired destination, the dates you will be vacationing and the number of guests. You will then be provided with a list of homes to rent. Each listing has photos, descriptions of the rentals, rates, availability, reviews, and a list of amenities. Whether you need a place for a couple’s getaway or a rental for a large group, you’ll be able to find just what you and your guests need.

Even if you don’t have a vacation in mind yet, you can get some travel inspiration for your next trip by browsing the Trending in Travel listings, Dream Destinations, or Vacation Inspirations. Even if you can’t fly to an exotic location, try searching rentals within driving distance and experience a new city in your own state. Get a cozy cabin for the weekend or take the kids to a beachfront rental and play in the sun. 

Family vacations provide some of the warmest childhood memories. I’ll definitely be recommending HomeAway to friends and family from now on as we all want to plan a family getaway that our kids will remember for a lifetime, right?

Win a $5,000 Stay with the HomeAway Kidfluencers Contest

This summer, HomeAway is empowering kidfluencers by giving them even more control over their family’s travel plans with a chance to win a $5,000 vacation rental stay to anywhere in the United States in 2015. To enter, travelers just need to create a 15 to 60-second video of their kids describing why their family should win a vacation from HomeAway. Upload the video to Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo, using the hashtag #HomeAwayVacation and complete the entry form here before May 29, 2015. HomeAway will select 10 finalists that will be voted on by the public from June 8 to 12 to determine the winner. For more details on the contest, visit here.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HomeAway.

26 thoughts on “HomeAway: The New Way to Family Vacation”

  1. We also find that hotels just don’t work for us much. We’re usually traveling with 2 teens, 1 or 2 dogs, and a lot of gear. Usually we camp, but we we love splurging on a house rental somewhere sweet.

  2. Talk about a home away from home–I honestly can’t see where you could go wrong renting a house like you are.

  3. I have never heard of that site. I am definitely going to be checking it out for a road trip we are planning this summer.

  4. This sounds like a great way to travel as a family! We’re doing a bit this summer, I’m going to have to look into it for our plans!

  5. My parents are trying to plan a summer getaway vacay as we speak I need to direct them here. They need a nice vacation!

  6. That sounds like a fabulous way to vacation! I need to share this with my husband. I’m sure he would love it also!

  7. Staying in a house is the way to go! We stayed in a condo in Pigeon Forge one time and we LOVED it! I know that’s not a house, but it is much better than a hotel! A house would have been even better!

  8. This is such a great option to have when vacationing. I would feel much more relaxed in a spacious home instead of a cramped hotel room!

  9. Wow, I would be way more open to going on getaways with the kids if I could end up in a place like that instead of a cramped hotel room!

  10. I love this! When we went to San Antonio we rented a house with our extended family instead of staying at a hotel. It was right on the river and it was great – we could eat and get food when we wanted to, do laundry – all on our schedule.

  11. Wow sounds so great. A home would be such a better solution for us instead of worrying about space, noise and kids. So much better!

  12. I’m loving all these new hotel alternative services! It’s SO MUCH cheaper than getting an extended stay suite, and lots more room!

  13. It is SO much fun to stay at a home instead of a hotel. You never have to worry about hotel security being called on you and your crazy kids!


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