Now that school’s out, keeping the kids entertained throughout the day has started to consume my existence. I tend to hear “I’m bored” a lot. So I’ve been looking for activities to get them outside to wear them out! They would have a blast creating this Gnome Garden and I would have a great place to escape and relax once we’re done.

how to create the perfect gnome garden

How to Create the Perfect Gnome Garden

How to Create the Perfect Gnome Garden

Step 1 – Design and Prepare

Any good landscaper will tell you that it begins with a drawing. For this, the kids will need a sketch pad and colored pencils. Have them plan out where their Gnomes will live, where the garden will be planted, and where the water feature will be located.

Supply list:
Sketch Pad
Colored pencils
Paint Your Own Garden Gnome Kit

Step 2 – Plant

A garden wouldn’t be a garden without plants! Kids will love starting the veggie garden indoors and then watching it grow outside.

Supply List:
Garden Veggie Starter Kit
Watering Can

Step 3 – Protect

Keep your veggies (and your Gnomes!) safe with a protective landscape fence.

Step 4 – Create Ambiance

Any good gnome garden needs a water feature.

Step 5 – Enjoy

Like I said, every mom needs a little corner of the garden to escape to. This little Bistro Patio Set is adorable and just the right size for one (or maybe two).

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Step 6 – Get “On The Case”

…to prove they come alive. :) You can pick up tips from a real life Gnome detective in Sherlock Gnomes on DVD June 12th.

When Gnomeo (James McAvoy) and Juliet (Emily Blunt) discover their friends and family have gone missing, there’s only one gnome to call – the legendary detective Sherlock Gnomes (Johnny Depp). Working together, the mystery takes them beyond the garden walls and across the city on an unforgettable journey to save the day and bring the gnomes home.

Supply List:
Sherlock Gnomes On the Case Book
Detective Kit
Sherlock Gnomes on DVD

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