How to Dress Up Your Leggings

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Dress up your leggings this summer to create a laid back, yet stylish outfit. Simple accessories and tops can take your favorite couch-lounging leggings and turn them into something suitable to meet your friends in.  

Long Shirt 

shirtYou can’t go wrong with a long shirt. Try a cute graphic print like this one from Modcloth for a breezy style.

Crop Top

crop top 1Go with a pair of high-waisted leggings to accentuate your waist, and wear a crop top to show off a little skin. 


kimono 1Toss on a kimono over your leggings to give it a little sass and flair.

Ankle Boots

ankle bootNothing brings an outfit together like a fun pair of shoes. Wear a cute pair of ankle boots with your leggings to dress them up. 


CardiganWrap yourself in this reversible poncho from Lark & Ro. It can be worn with your ankle boots and makes for a polished look you can wear around town. 


Screen Shot 2018 07 10 at 10.49.19 PMGo all business with a chic blazer like this one from BCBG.  

Booty Shawl 

Booty Shawl women Isabella WrapaliniThe booty shawl is going to be your new favorite accessory! Available in four different styles and fun fabrics, these are the perfect layering accessory. Whether over leggings or skinny jeans, they will add some sass to any outfit. The breathable fabric and convenient pocket make it a unique piece that can be easily transitioned from workout to a night out.   

booty shawl
I always seem to have an abundance of errands both before and after my workout, but I feel self conscious running around with my derriere hanging out. The booty shawl gives me extra coverage and turns my workout clothes into an outfit while I am out and about. 


sage jacket 1A jacket is a perfect accessory to toss over a pair of leggings. It will give it a more pulled together look. Fabletics has a great variety of tops to pair with leggings. 


vestThis Anna-Kaci Crochet Vest can be worn over leggings for a fun summer look. 


dressIf you have a dress you love, but don’t love showing off your legs, put on a pair of leggings. This dress from Fabletics would go great with a pair of leggings. 


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