Are you doing all you can to help your child succeed?

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“Children learn more quickly during their early years than any other time in life.” – Facts For Life Global

Are you doing all you can to help your child succeed?

Parents often rely on school to provide the abundance of their child’s education, but without a basic introduction to academics and continued support at home, kids may not be equipped to perform well in their first years of school.

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Those first years of learning are crucial because they are the building blocks that form the foundation of their education.

Are you doing all you can to prepare your children for early learning?

abcmouse review

If your child is approaching age two, now is the best time to start focusing on academics if you haven’t already. is an incredible place to introduce your child to educational basics.

The vast array of lessons, games, puzzles, books, printables, and so much more, offer a variety unlike any other individual resource.

If you have a child aged 8-13, then check out Adventure Academy!

This interactive website is a subscription-based site also available in an app for download on your smartphone or tablet, and it features a comprehensive curriculum that provides engaging activities that will help create a strong foundation for your child’s schooling.

Developed in collaboration with nationally recognized early childhood education experts, the site is designed to teach children important basics in a way that also encourages strong comprehension.

I love that ABCmouse has no pop-ups, ads, or links that appear which allows children distraction-free, safe engagement for just $7.95 a month. (You can try it free for 30 days using this link)

abcmouse review

Through ABCmouse, an avatar of your child can be created to help them recognize and relate to a virtual classroom experience. There are multiple settings to choose and explore.

As kids make their way through each area, they complete a variety of fun, educational activities which earns them tickets. Those tickets can be used to buy things like items for their own virtual room and even pets. T

here is a whole shopping area where your child can check out the different stores and make purchases with those hard-earned tickets. The different settings include  –

My Learning Path 

Help your child navigate each changing terrain by completing the engaging activities for tickets.

abcmouse review


Kids can practice all of the subjects they will encounter in a real classroom while interacting with a virtual teacher. They can pick and choose what they like to do including…

  • Reading
  • Math
  • World Around Us
  • Art
  • Songs
  • Library
  • Puzzles
  • Games

abcmouse review

Zoo and Farm

Have your child practice their basic skills while learning about animals at the zoo and on the farm.

abcmouse review

It provides so many options for kids to explore and new activities that allow them to learn from different angles ensuring they won’t grow bored.

The simple to use interface gives them the chance to play by themselves or with a parent and provides computer experience which is becoming ever more important in our tech-based world.

ABCmouse is also a great idea to help children maintain the skills they learned in school while they are away from school on summer vacation.

According to Oxford Learning, As early as first grade, summer learning loss can be recognized.

Since the release of the second-grade content as well as the additional age 8 content, there are now over 8,500 standards-based learning activities and 850 lessons across 10 learning levels for kids ages 2 to 8.

If you have a child aged 8-13, then check out Adventure Academy!

abcmouse review

With the chance to review ABCmouse, my two-year-old was at the perfect age to put this website to the test. Since he turned one, we have used flashcards and age-appropriate games to help teach him early learning basics.

However, we noticed that after a while, what seemed interesting at first began to bore him, and he no longer wanted to focus. Then, as he approached two, he became very interested in the computer and tablet.

ABCmouse was a great way to introduce him to technology and use it as an influence to learn instead of just watching cartoons or playing games without any real educational substance.

He immediately took to the website and became engaged in the educational activities and step by step instructions.

However, the ticket based reward system is what he gets excited about most, and it encourages him to keep exploring and learning. It is literally a virtual classroom that is giving him a head start in school and preparing him for real-world experiences.    

Thank you to ABCmouse for providing a subscription for this review. This post also contains affiliate links.

5 thoughts on “Are you doing all you can to help your child succeed?”

  1. I believe I am doing everything possible to help my children succeed. Funny enough We never had this much technology when hey were growing! :) abcmouse sounds like a great resource!

  2. If you show your child that you believe in their potential and tell them that you know they can succeed, it can help your child build confidence, set higher expectations for themselves, and they can achieve better results at school.

  3. Great tips! I’ve heard awesome things about ABC Mouse – I know there’s tons out there to help kids learn, but this one really sounds great!


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