Two New Reasons The Jambox Mini Will Be A Star At Your Next Party

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Whether we’re inviting over the neighbors for an evening barbecue or we have invited over the family for the Super Bowl, Ben and I like to entertain often. Like good company, great food and delicious cocktails, music is a key component to any successful dinner party. While there are a variety of electronics within the average home that can put out sound in a pinch, there really isn’t anything more convenient for back yard entertainment than a portable bluetooth speaker.

jaws-1000.v1Recently I was sent the Jawbone Jambox Mini and thanks to the new firmware update, discovered that there are now two more reasons the Jambox is going to be a hit at our next party. The new update turned the Jambox from a stand alone device to something that can be paired for more options. Connect the Jambox Mini with another Jambox Mini and the two speakers can be used as a stereo pair. Yes, you read that right – stereo sound.

multifriend4Connecting them is easy too. First download the update and install, then place them within a foot of one another and press all three top bottons at once on speaker 1 and then again on speaker 2.  What this will do is delegate one speaker to play only the right channel while the other plays only the left, which equals a fuller, more rich sound. They can be placed between 5 and 10 feet apart, which makes them perfect for outdoor entertaining. 

The new update also just gave you the ability to have more than one source via the Multi-Play option. You can link two Jambox Mini’s together to play a song either in Unison or as a Stereo Pair as described above. At first this may sound like there is nothing different and what I just described above, but here is the kicker – they’re each controlled by different devices. So lets say one Jambox Mini is controlled by Ben’s phone and the other is controlled by mine. Once linked, both speakers are set to play one track. Ben starts off with his favorite jam, but wait a minute, I hate that song so I kick it off to rock out to mine. The party possibilities this just created are endless:

  • Song battle, Pitch Perfect style!
  • Use a DJ’ing app (iTunes has many) and have a battle of the DJs
  • Play the Alphabet Game but with songs. Make it interesting with two new rules: the first person to miss a letter has to do a shot. Make it harder and give a 15 second time limit! Bonus points if both the song and singers name start with the letter. 

Want to set up for your next party? Watch the video below – its easy.

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  1. I love the Jambox! Not only is it a great blue tooth speaker, but I can hook it together with another one for even more sound.


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