10 Things You Should Avoid A Week Before the I Dos

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Last Minute Wedding Tips

You have the dress, the vendors are booked, the guests are arriving in town, now what? Here are some wedding tips and advice with things you want to avoid the week before your wedding day.

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  1. Alcohol and Soft Drinks– If your wedding dress is a tight fit you may want to skip the alcohol a few weeks before your big day. It contains empty calories and can also affect your skin. Soft drinks are also packed with calories and sodium causing you to look and feel bloated. Limit your caffeine intake to avoid increasing your anxiety.
  2. Change in Hair Color or Stylist– This seems like common sense but I’ve known brides that have decided last minute to make a color change that didn’t go as planned and resulted in a lot of anxiety, stress, and appointments to undo the damage. Experienced brides recommend getting your hair trimmed a little over a month before the big day so you can make sure your style works with your dress.
  3. Avoid Diet Changes– A week before your wedding you are swamped with last minute preparations and need to maintain a well balanced diet, this is not the time to starve yourself or try a juice cleanse. Foods to avoid include: beans, broccoli and cabbage; greasy fast food; foods high in sodium like chips; carbonated beverages including sparkling water or champagne; dairy products; and artificial sweeteners which can also lead to bloating.
  4. Exercise– Along with a consistent diet you also don’t need to start an insanity workout within 1-2 weeks of your wedding. The idea is to walk down the aisle, not limp or be dependent on crutches. Start with an exercise plan months before the event and keep with it throughout. Don’t do anything strenuous or new 1-2 weeks prior to the big day.
  5. Have a Big Party or All Nighter the Eve of Your Wedding- Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life and you’ll want to live in the moment not fighting a hangover from the night before. Nor do you want to stay up all night working on wedding favors and be exhausted on your wedding day. The day before your wedding should be as stress free and relaxing as possible to keep you feeling and looking your best!
  6. No Spray Tans or Tanning Beds– Forget the spray tan or tanning beds and rely on a professional to apply a tanning solution evenly. Avoid spending a lot of time outside especially in the final few days before the wedding without wearing sunscreen and moisturizer. You don’t want to be orange or peeling at your wedding.
  7. Cosmetic Procedures– If you’re planning to use Botox, get a microdermabrasion or chemical peel before the big event, plan ahead. While some consultants recommend two weeks, that depends on the sensitivity of your skin and your comfort level. If you’ve never had the procedure before and are unsure how your skin will react, you may want to schedule it 3-4 weeks out. My skin is extremely sensitive and remains red and irritated for weeks after even a basic facial.
  8. New Make-up/Skin Care Products-Brides.com recommends if you have skin care concerns to consult a dermatologist a few months ahead of time. New products can create new issues like oily skin, dryness, allergic reactions and more.
  9. Make Last Minute Changes- Things will change and you’ll have to accommodate those changes, but don’t make a last minute change just because. You should do a trial hair and make-up run with your dress at least a week prior to the wedding so any adjustments can be made. You may find it helpful to have a friend snap a few photos so you can see how you look and use it as reference on your actual wedding day.
  10. Stress- Stress affects everything from your energy level to your waistline and the week before your wedding will be stressful. Don’t add to it by planning a move, taking a major trip the week before, renovating the house or any other non-essential projects that can wait until after you’re happily married. Also, find ways to unwind without alcohol like an evening walk with friends, long soaking baths and a good book, etc.


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