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Whistler’s life has been well documented since the moment he was born and I mean the moment (we recorded it)! So it seems only inevitable that he would be a budding photographer by age three. The first time I put a camera in his hands, I caught him creating scenes with his toys and ever since, he is regularly running off my with camera or my phone.

And while I love that he’s picked up my penchant for photography, seeing this makes me happy and oh so scared at the same time…


But now, thanks to a campaign through MomSelect, we have the Creativity Camera Case and App from LeapFrog. It’s a protective camera case that turns my iPhone/iPod into a kid-safe camera with 6 creative learning modes.


Taking advantage of both the front and rear cameras, Whistler can take a picture of himself, or mom or dad and add fun graphics. For instance, he can put a party hat or kitty ears on dad, or even a piggy nose in addition to other crazy stamps. There are also tints, frames and other fun illustrations.

Photo Nov 04, 8 23 58 PM

Photo Nov 22, 1 03 04 AM

For Whistler (age 3.5), the app was intuitive. I didn’t need to show him much more than what each of the main menu screens meant. He figured out on his own how to scroll through the options as well as how to move, align and resize each feature exactly as he wanted them. We brought this with us on a recent trip and it was a fun interactive way for all three of us to fill a boring, long layover with laughter and smiles.


In addition learning to express his creativity, imagination and self-expression, while playing photographer Whistler is also working on the development of crucial skills. The Creativity Camera helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and following directions. He is also practicing his colors, letters, shapes, emotions and matching – all things that are crucial to his success in school.

I especially love the photo book feature. It’s like a photography scavenger hunt focusing on either letters, emotions or shapes and colors. Whistler has just recently been asking, “what letter does that start with?” so this built in “game” is actually very helpful!

Photo Nov 22, 1 12 09 AM

In addition to the built in games, here are a few fun ideas to enhance the educational experience:

  • Ask your kiddo to call out expressions like happy, silly, grumpy, sad before he snaps your picture.
  • Ask them to count up or down until the moment the photo is taken (3,2,1…)
  • Ask them to take a specific number of pictures.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with LeapFrog and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


5 thoughts on “LeapFrog Creativity Camera Protective Case & App”

  1. That is kind of awesome. What a great idea. I take a ton of pictures & my daughter is forever trying to snag the camera away from me. I need one of these.

  2. I saw this on Amazon but didn’t realize the it turns your iPhone into a kid safe camera! We could totally use something like this for my toddler and I love how reasonably priced it is (just $19.99)!

  3. That is a really neat product for those with an iPhone and young children. I know my 4 year old is forever picking up every electronic device in the house.


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