Kids View: New Let’s Imagine Elmo with Friends

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Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.05.57 AMThis weekend my Mom let me have an awesome party. I got to invite over four of my cousins and two friends too. It wasn’t a birthday party, or even a Halloween party, it was something much better – a toy party!

My favorite person, he is like Santa but he drives a big brown truck, delivered a HUGE box to our house. Inside it were so many toys! I wanted to keep them all to myself but Mom said something about needing to share? I’m not really sure. I heard party and my mind went off the deep end thinking about decorations and food (pizza of course, hold the mushrooms please) and toys. I had to count down A LOT of fingers but the day was finally here. 

Playskool Party1

My Mom let me help her decorate. We blew up red and blue balloons and then wrapped all of the toys for my friends to open, like a surprise! After we had our lunch, it was time to get the party started. Because I was such a big help, my Mom let me tell everyone all about my new Elmo. His full name is Let’s Imagine Elmo, but I just call him Elmo. 

Playskool Party 2

My Mom says that Elmo and I are alike because we both like to use our imagination. That means we like to play pretend! Sometimes I pretend I’m a princess, or a teacher and I like to pretend I’m flying airplanes a lot too. 

Elmo comes with three hats – a prince crown, a captain’s hat and a cowboy hat. Each hat makes him do different things! If he is wearing his Prince Crown he is Prince Elmo and he likes to play Simon Says! He is always asking me to tickle him and then we laugh and laugh. When he puts on his cowboy hat he likes to count. I can count higher than him though, I can count all the way to 50! My favorite is when Elmo puts on his Sea Captain hat. He sounds just like my dad when he talks about the Sea. 

Playskool Party 4

After I shared everything I knew about Elmo with my friends, I got to give them all their surprises – new Playskool Toys! My Mom helped me choose which friends got the Stack ‘N Spin Monkey Gears Toy. She said it would be perfect for my little cousins because it’s for babies aged 9 months and up. Ava and Mia REALLY liked the lights and spinning gears. My little cousins are so cute, they kept clapping and high fiving me.

Playskool Party 3

My friend Jordan is the same age I am and my cousin Kyrah is too! We got the new Transformers Mixable, Mashable Heroes: Optimus Prime and Grimlock.  Jordan was the most excited because when he grows up he wants to be a Paleontologist. That’s someone who studies dinosaurs. Grimlock was his favorite and it wasn’t long before he was chasing me around yelling “Rawr!” Boys!

Playskool Toy Party

Our party was so much fun and my friends really liked their toys. My mom was right, it’s good to share new toys with friends. 

You can learn more about Let’s Imagine Elmo and the new line of Playskool Toys at! 

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.05.57 AM

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