Look back at 2018 and correct your health mistakes – Resolutions for 2019

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If you take a retrospective glance at the chaos and the mess that you created in 2018, one thing can be clear that things could be better! There are several New Year resolutions which deal with health and that too for a good reason. The key foundation for obtaining all your health goals, professional goals and personal goals is good health, both physical and mental. Hence, dedicating time, resources and energy to boosting your health is possibly the best investment that you could make in this New Year.

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The best thing about improving your health is that there is no downside ever to enhancing your health habits. Rather, you’ll tend to be more focused towards life and you’ll gain self-confidence as well. You will also be able to handle your moods and emotions. Read on to know more on how you could make 2019 the year of fulfilling all your health resolutions.

Best health resolutions for 2019

Researches reveal that more than 80% of the people who make New Year resolutions surrender on them by the time it’s Valentine’s Day. If you thought you’d require making huge overhauls in order to bring about a positive change to your fitness, health, diet and physical well-being, you’re wrong. There are very small lifestyle changes that you can make in order to stay healthy and fit this 2019. Here are few steps that you may take.

#1: Make sure you do enough exercise

You have to do a little bit of homework on exercise and workout and then find out a specific form of exercise which lets you eliminate all the stress that you have and also move your body for an hour at least 5 days in a week. This can be done in the form of dance, yoga, aerobics, walking, lifting weights or even in running. Remember that workout can help you let go of all kinds of stress and also enhances your mood. Hence, exercise regularly to take care of your physical and mental health.

#2: Eat within a window of 12-hour

Though you may not feel like changing what you eat, you can do a lot for your body only by changing ‘WHEN’ you eat. Did you know that the human body clock operates on a cycle of 24 hour and when we sleep, our body regenerates and repairs itself. If you cut down on your sleep time due to extreme work pressure or due to diseases like insomnia, your body won’t get the required time for repair. So, you have to leave a 12 hour window to let your body do this important task. When you take your breakfast at 8 am, don’t eat once its 8pm.

#3: Hydrate yourself to keep energy levels intact

It is only by hydrating regularly that you can keep your energy levels intact and you can prevent constipation issues and formation of kidney stones. Above everything else, you’ll feel more comfortable when you keep yourself hydrated as this boosts the functioning of your brain. If there are any healthy adjustments that you can make to your daily routine, the easiest one would be to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

#4: Cut down on caffeine

You might be facing excessive pressure at work due to which you might be having too much of caffeine. But if you wish to bring about a positive change to your lifestyle, you need to know that caffeine intake needs to be curbed for better health perspectives. When we say ‘caffeine’, we don’t only mean caffeinated beverages but we also mean soft drinks and cola. So, if you’re someone who is not able to eat your food without a glass of cola, it’s high time you change your habit. Nevertheless, sudden withdrawal could lead to issues like dizziness, drowsiness and headache.

#5: Meditation is helpful

If you could spend some time both at the beginning and at the end of the day meditating, this could not only clear your mind but also make you feel peaceful and relaxed. You will gradually seem to control anxiety, reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, improve self-awareness and also decrease high blood pressure. Try your best to spend at least 10-20 minutes everyday in the morning to focus on just one thing, might be your breath or on some meditation music.

#6: Binge drinking should be stopped

Once the party season is over, you will gradually realize that drinking isn’t as good a choice for you as it was when you were lively and young. Now that you’re growing older, drinking will just make you drowsy, hungover and not having the wish to wake up from your sleep due to severe headache. This 2019, it is high time that you resolve that no matter how much your friends pressurize you about drinking, you shouldn’t indulge in binge drinking at all. Drinking does no good to your health and so the sooner you quit, the healthier you will be.

Therefore, if you’ve made several health mistakes in the past, it’s time to rectify them in 2019. As health experts emphasize on the importance of taking the right vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients through diet and dietary supplements, you could get them from a vitamin and health food store like Mr. Vitamins Sydney so that you could lead a healthier 2019. Before deciding on the dose, make sure you consult your doctor or your physician.

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