Last Minute Gifts For The Minecraft Addict In Your Life

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If you’re the parent of a child who already plays Minecraft, you know what the game is about. Most likely because your child has spent hours upon hours telling you about their conquest. If you’re new to the world of Minecraft, like me, it’s a game about placing blocks and going on adventures – with friends or on their own. They can explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Kids love it because it allows them the ultimate freedom in building to their imaginations limits in Creative Mode. While it provides challenges to overcome in Survival Mode. The con of a Minecraft addict is they’ll talk about it until your ears bleed. The pro is that Christmas shopping is now incredibly easy with all things Minecraft. 

Last Minute Gifts For The Minecraft Addict In Your Life

Minecraft 1
Minecraft Flying Ghast Quadcopter with Remote Controller

Bring a favorite nether-dwelling creature to life with this Minecraft flying Ghast. Kids can use the included remote to fly the Ghast in all directions through the air just like in the video game. This Minecraft flying Ghast also has an automatic landing feature to safely get the toy back on the ground.

Minecraft 2

Minecraft – Mini Figures Collector Case

Minecraft lovers can organize and display their favorite Nether explorers in this Mattel Minecraft collector case. The case comes with 6 starter characters and it can be flipped over to play with the figures on a Minecraft world.
Minecraft 3
Xbox One S 500GB Minecraft Favorites Console Bundle

Really want to blow their socks off Christmas morning? Pick up the Xbox One S Minecraft Favorites Bundle (500GB). It comes with everything you need to build, survive, and explore! The bundle comes with full game downloads of Minecraft for Xbox One and Windows 10. Plus thirteen content Packs, including Halo Mash-up and Festive Mash-up. Bonus, this is really a gift for everyone! The new Xbox One S, plays 4K Blu-ray™ movies, streams Netflix and Amazon Video in stunning 4K Ultra HD. Minecraft Movie Set
Minecraft Motion Movie Set

Make your own movies with this Minecraft Stop-Motion movie creator. It comes with a movie stage, six different background cards, four exclusive figures and over 18 accessories to help you bring your stories to life. This Minecraft Stop-Motion movie creator lets you animate with your smartphone or tablet in just three easy steps.

 Minecraft Figure
Minecraft 5-inch Figures

These Minecraft 5-inch action figures make perfect stocking stuffers. 

 Minecraft Card Game
Minecraft Card Game

Now kids can play the game anywhere with Minecraft card game. Mine, craft and reserve resource cards, but watch out for TNT and Creeper cards in this game full of action and adventure. Crafting points with wood, stone, iron, diamond and gold resource cards lets you position yourself for a win in this Minecraft card game.

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