Waterproof Sports Action Video Camera Preview: Polaroid XS80 HD

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skydive collage

Whether it’s zip lining through the Florida Everglades, swimming with dolphins in the coves of Jamaica, horse back riding on sandy beaches of Mexico or sky diving over the Pacific, I have been able to experience so many amazing things that a regular camera simply can not fully capture. A single flat moment frozen in time just don’t do some of life’s moments justice – like hearing the scream I released when I walked off a platform almost 100 feet high. Nor the fist pump that came afterwards when I realized, I DID IT!

garrafun zipline over water

Things like these can only be recorded from start to finish, and extreme sports call for extreme equipment. You wouldn’t catch me recording my Zipline experience with my DSLR camera, no thank you. While we already own an action sports cam, I’m thinking the Polaroid XS80 Video Camera is a definite contender in this arena due to it’s no case required waterproof housing and 1080p HD record quality. Also, with Ben just starting to take our son out on the waves, I’m excited to mount this camera to the surfboard so that this non-surfing mom won’t miss a minute of it.

With a huge thanks to the folks at Polaroid, I’m taking this puppy with me to our wedding in the Dominican Republic next month. Ben just got PADi certified so we’re hoping to get in a dive or two while we’re there. At bare minimum, we plan on snorkeling a ton and I’m excited to see how this performs under water.

polaroid xs80

With everything I’ve got going on, I’m glad that there are a few features about the Polaroid XS80 that make it a no brainer to use:

  • When recording I never have to worry about holding the Polaroid XS80 “upright” because it’s G-Sensor auto rotates the picture.
  • It also futures an anti-shake function to keep pictures clear.
  • In addition to being waterproof for up to 30 feet the video camera is also impact and  shock proof.
  • While the Polaroid is designed for awesome video it can also take photos with three photography modes: Single, Burst (x3)and even Time Lapse!
  • It takes photos in 16mp, 5mp, and 3mp resolutions.
  • The built in battery holds up to 2.5 hours of use and then it’s simply recharged with a USB.
  • The 120 degree wide angle field of view will help get the whole picture.

Stay tuned for some sneak peeks of actual footage from Punta Cana via our wedding hashtag #BenPlusJeana along with a full blog post with videos when we get back!

Polaroid provided product for review purposes. All opinions expressed remain my own.

8 thoughts on “Waterproof Sports Action Video Camera Preview: Polaroid XS80 HD”

  1. You guys are daredevils! LOL The camera took some awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing this with me & also your lovely pictures.

  2. I would love to swim with dolphins or zip line but definitely not skydiving. What a cool camera, I would love to have one.


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