If you’re a fan of steamed Manila Clams, then you’re familiar with the standard butter, garlic and white wine flavored recipe. Adapted from Savory Sweet Life, this classic is transformed into an incredibly quick and easy Asian inspired version. In about 10 minutes time, you’ll have, quite possibly, the Best Garlic Steamed Clams ever. EVER. (seriously) We made these for New Years Day dinner, but they’re so easy and delicious there’s no reason to save these for a special occasion.

*tip* If you have an Asian market near you, you’ll often find seafood (clams included) at a much better price than you would at your regular grocery store and it may be worth the visit. I picked up ours for just $4.99/lb at the Korean Market (vs $6.99 at Albertsons).

garlic steamed clams recipe (1)

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