5 Things to Look for in a Rugged Backpack to Survive the Everyday

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Backpacks are incredibly useful and very versatile. Most people nowadays like to incorporate city life with outside exploration so here are a few tips in choosing the right backpack for any adventures you might plan, city or otherwise. Take note, you adventure seekers.

Quality durable material

#1 - Sumdex ImpulseIf it’s to withstand the harsh elements of city life and the rugged demands of nature, a durable outer material is absolutely necessary. Nylon and polyester are great for keeping your treasured materials in while keeping all that dust and debris out. A good example is the Sumdex Impulse @ Full Speed Rain Bumper backpack that provides excellent protection with its dual polyester composition.

Form fitting shoulder strap 

#2 - Caribee Time TravelerBackpacks are meant to keep your things together, but that stuff can get awfully heavy, so the next thing to look for is a great should strap design. Padded straps or ergonomically designed shapes will help distribute light to heavy loads adding to the possibility of traversing city streets as well as hiking paths. The Caribee Time Traveler backpack fits the bill exceptionally well with very padded back and shoulder straps making weight distribution a breeze.

Storage compartments 

#3 - Samsonite Viz AirWith as hectic as life can get, extra storage is always helpful. If you’re in the city and need carry everything from your cellphone to your document folders to your pens, then a backpack with multiple storage areas is ideal. The same goes for any hiker where that extra supply or two will come in handy whether it be water, flint, or survival cord. The extra pockets also allow for optimum organization which makes life simpler. A prime illustration is the Samsonite Viz Air Backpack which has compartments in the front and side panels as well.

Laptop storage

#4---Samsonite-Xenon-2In this new age of technology, everyone can use a laptop, so make sure you have proper room for one. From everyday coffee shop visits to more rigorous day hikes, having the correct laptop protection is quite frankly very necessary. Look for padded compartments and pockets that will protect your laptop wherever you may travel. You may need your laptop in the office or even while taking a break on a hike or a camping trip so keep it close and handy. Samsonite Xenon 2 Pft Laptop Backpack provides a dedicated padded sleeve for up to 15.6 inch laptop and is perfect for those everyday excursions.

Strong, sturdy backing

#5 - Crest Climbing BackpackWhat good is a backpack if it doesn’t do the one thing it’s supposed to do? Not much. So, proper padding and stability in the back of the backpack is indispensable. Whether you’re carrying a heavy hiking load or a backpack full of electronics, decent back support cannot go on ignored! Not only will your posture improve, but your back will thank you for taking care of it now and later. J World steps up to the plate with their Crest Climbing Backpack which has added stability aluminum framing along with a BEFA padded back. It’s perfectly capable of meeting the demands of the everyday.

Whether you want to travel the city jungle or explore the hiking trails in the outskirts, the tips above will help you choose the right backpack and ensure that you’re well prepared for any of your future adventures. To find the backpacks mentioned above and many others, visit www.gotbriefcases.com.

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  1. My laptop, tablet, and phone go everywhere with me when we travel. I need a great backpack with enough storage to fit all my electronics and plugs. Plus, a few magazines and books and snacks! All of the ones you’ve featured look great! These would make great holiday gift ideas. Thank you.


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