5 Ways to Use the Samsung M5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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The new Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System lets you listen to, share and experience music how you live. An expandable system, now your music can follow you anywhere in your house. Play one song in any or all rooms via the Samsung Wireless Speaker Hub, or different songs in different rooms from any number of speakers via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

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Surround Sound

Multiple M5 Speakers can be placed around your family room for the ultimate surround sound experience. They are wireless to cut down on clutter and connect to your TV and other devices with TV SoundConnect. Place them flat on a surface, vertically with the included stand or even mount them to your walls. Because the M5 Speaker has Wi-Fi built in, you can control your Smart Blu-Ray features and apps wirelessly. The speaker system also has bluetooth to wireless connect to your smart TV!

Different Play List For Every Room

The Samsung Multiroom App lets you choose when and where to listen to your music. After downloading the app and setting up the speakers, just select a song. You can choose to play a different song in every room by simply dragging and dropping what you want to hear, where you want to hear it. You can also control the volume in just one room or every room – all from your handheld device. No more having to leave your phone at or on the speaker.

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The Same Play List For Every Room

While you can play a different song in different room, or select songs in select rooms, you can also choose to play the same song in every room. Syncing is easy and you still have the option of setting different volume levels in each room. Keep the tunes louder in the room where you will spend the most time and quieter near the sleeping kids.

Play All Your Favorite Stations Or Play List

For audiophiles that are addicted to their streaming media, you can now pump Pandora, Rhapsody, iTunes,  or Amazon Cloud Player throughout the entire house. This is perfect if you have multiple (often incompatible) devices in your home. For instance, most of my personal music collection is on iTunes – which I can’t access from Android devices. But the Samsung Galaxy S5 has my favorite streaming music app. Normally I couldn’t switch seamlessly between those but not so with the M5.

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Play Songs From Almost Any Device

With Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth capability, you can play music from virtually any device! This is bad news for those speakers with a specific connection dock. Plus, with multiple device capability, you can connect more than one device simultaneously.

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  1. Ok, that feature to be able to play to different rooms is awesome. Have kids music playing upstairs and Mom’s oldie music downstairs. Perfect!


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