Say Goodbye to Hair in the Shower Drain

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Thank you so much Healthy Hair Plus for allowing us to use this product for review purposes.

The last few months have not been easy for my grandmother. It started with forgetfulness, which she contributed to a busy schedule. But when she began experiencing hair loss and she gained over 30 pounds, she knew something was really wrong. After a visit with her doctor and and then a specialist we found out she has thyroid cancer. It was caught early and a routine procedure removes the thyroid but it’s the side effect that have her feeling down. For as long as I can remember my grandma has what she fondly calls “her bald spot.” She isn’t actually bald but the hair on the crown of her head is distinctly thinner than the rest of her head. She has battled thin hair her entire life and the shampoo isle in her bathroom shows just how many products she has tried.

Bioten Biotin Hair Product
Before Bioten

When I had the opportunity to try Healthy Hair Plus best selling Bioten Biotin Hair Growth Kit I knew it was just for her. So I brought over the Shampoo, Conditioner and Vitamins and we sat down to read the literature. Bioten’s Biotin enriched shampoo and conditioner is infused with Trichogen to “promote, fash, healthy hair growth.” Bioten’s  vitamins contained biotin and a balance of 10 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that improve shine, smoothness, growth and strength.

Bioten Biotin

Heres how it works…

Biotin is the key element necessary for building Keratin.  Keratin is the building block of protein bonds that make up the hair follicle and a primary contributor to the healthy development of the papilla (root), follicle shaft and the cortex.  Balanced, full intake of Biotin helps ensure the scalp and follicles have a key element needed for the fastest growth possible.  Among other things, biotin deficiency has been shown to retard growth and lead to hair loss, excessive shedding and premature thinning.

After reading the literature she was excited to try it out. I stopped over after a few days chat and check on the progress. At that point she was skeptical. Her head was itchy. So we started looking at the label. It turns out her scalp was a little more sensitive to the Spearmint and Vanilla essential oil for scalp conditioning and therapy. But by the end of week one the itching had gone away.

Bioten Biotin Hair Growth
After 2 Weeks on Bioten!

It was worth it because after two weeks of use we saw an great improvement in thickness of her hair. When you consider the fact that she was actually losing hair before using Bioten Biotin Hair Growth Products the results are awesome.

Thank you so much Healthy Hair Plus for allowing us to use this product for review purposes.

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