PEEPS Easter Bunny Mini Cupcake Pops Recipe 7 1

PEEPS Easter Bunny Mini Cupcake Pops Recipe

This DIY Easter PEEPS Pops Recipe is easy enough for a toddler to help! Easter is just around the corner. Are you ready? More importantly, are PEEPS® mandatory for you and your family? I used to BEG my parents for PEEPS® … Read more

15 Spookalicious Halloween Cake Pops

15 Spookalicious Halloween Cake Pops

If there’s a holiday that celebrates creativity, it would be Halloween. From creative, one of a kind costumes, yard decorations, and frightening recipes that celebrate ghosts, goblins, zombies and werewolves, everything remotely scary is fair game! Take a look at … Read more

Recipe & How To: Bullseye the Target Dog Cake Pops

Recipe & How To: Bullseye the Target Dog Cake Pops

Another fun Bakerella creation is Bullseye, Target’s mascot and resident hound. I love Target and these Bullseye cake pops are darling (the lifesaver collar? Brilliant!). Target also carries a Bakerella Cake Pop Kit in stores that makes creating and presenting … Read more


{Recipe} Disney The Muppets: Beaker Cake Pops

Oh, Beaker! I love his droll expression, eccentric hair, and squeeky little “meep”. These might be the cutest cake pops ever! Thanks, Bakerella   With secret, signature, celebrity cameos, Disney’s THE MUPPETS opens in theaters everywhere on November 23rd. Stay in the … Read more

kermit cake pops b cd a o

How to Make Kermit Cake Pops

Kermit Cake Pops are the brainchild of food blogger Bakerella. They are as tasty as they are adorable, and the only limit to how many varieties of cake pops you can make is your imagination. Just visiting Disney’s website, I … Read more


{Recipe} Sushi Cake Balls

“Crazy for Cake Pops” is a crafty cookbook that teaches you how to make the cutest one-bite snacks on a stick. Game Night Poker Chips and Dice, Birthday Party Clowns, Baby Shower Rattles…this book covers any and every occasion that … Read more

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Best Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

The best way to host a pirate birthday party is by focusing on the three P’s – pirates, parrot and ‘plunder’. Whether you’re thinking of a just-for-fun weekend activity for the kids or planning the perfect birthday party, we have … Read more

Easter Treat Recipes

10 Fun Easter Treat Recipes and Ideas

I couldn’t be more ready for spring! Winters are mild down here in Florida compared to what we dealt with while living in Michigan. Even still, when you’re used to temperatures hovering around the 80s the few months when temperatures … Read more

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Amazing Ways to Reveal the Gender of Your Baby

All any expectant parents want is for their child to come out healthy and strong. Yet, if they’re honest, most would agree that the curiosity of knowing whether they’re having a little boy or girl is strong. In fact, most … Read more

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20 Beauty and the Beast Crafts and Recipes

Looking for a little Disney inspired fun at home? Check out these 20 awesome DIY Beauty and the Beast crafts, recipes and activities for the kids to enjoy. In 2017, the story and characters Disney fans know and love came to … Read more