Amazing Ways to Reveal the Gender of Your Baby

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All any expectant parents want is for their child to come out healthy and strong. Yet, if they’re honest, most would agree that the curiosity of knowing whether they’re having a little boy or girl is strong. In fact, most parents don’t wait very long to find out. About halfway through the second trimester, many find out the sex of their baby from their ob-gyn. The news can be so exciting that the only way to share it with others is with a big celebration!

Gender reveal ideas and parties have become increasingly popular for couples looking for a unique way to share the sex of their baby with those closest to them. There’s great food, good drinks, and lots of games to be played as the guests wait for the grand finale – the reveal.

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Here’s where you get to have the most fun. There are a ton of ways to inform your guests whether you’ll be bringing home a prince or princess. Check out some of these ideas below:

Gender Reveal Cake

When these parties were just starting to become a trend, the best way to share the news was with a cake. The expectant couple or whoever was hosting the party would pre-order their cake with a bakery. The cake looks just like a normal cake but when you cut into it the inside reveals pink or blue letting you know right away the baby’s gender. This can also be done with cupcakes or cake pops if you’re prefer something a bit smaller so all the guests can eat and find out at the same time.

Smoke Bombs

If you’re looking for something with more of a blast, then you can go wrong with gender reveal smoke bombs. Let’s say you were having a girl. You’d buy a pink smoke bomb and when you’re ready, throw it down. A puff of pink smoke will come out letting your loved ones know in a big way whether you’re little girl or boy is coming into the world soon.


Want to get your guests anxious about the sex of the baby? Pinatas are a great way to accomplish this. You can fill the pinata with anything from blue and pink candy to hairbows and bow ties. Then, you and each of your guests can take a turn whacking at the pinata until the surprise inside is revealed. With everyone trying to take a whack at the pinata, you’re sure to have a ton of funny videos to look back on later.

Confetti Cannons

Another trendy way to share the news about the gender of your baby with your folks is to use a gender reveal confetti cannon. They’re very easy to use as you just point, twist, and then the canister pops open to reveal blue or pink confetti that sprays all over the place. Right now this is by far one of the most popular gender reveal party ideas.

Having a healthy, strong, baby with ten fingers and ten toes are all a parent hopes for. However, deep down most have a preference of whether they parent a little boy or a little girl. If you’ve been told the news on your baby’s gender and want to share the news with others, consider a gender reveal party and some of the above-mentioned amazing ways to reveal the upcoming arrival of your little one.

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