hAppy Mothers Day: DIY Monogram Photo Collage

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zink happy DIY monogram photo collageMothers day is just a few weeks away – do you have a gift for the special mom or mother figure in your life? I’ve spent the last two weeks crafting fun Mother’s Day projects with my ZINK hAppy printer: a DIY Paper Flower Bouquet and even a DIY Mothers Day Card for Kids.

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My latest project is a photo collage letter using mom’s initial. If your kids love to craft like mine it’s a relatively easy project and kids can help with the majority of it. 


Wooden Letters (Less Than $5 at Crafts Stores and Most Major Supermarkets)
Razor Blade or Exacto Knife
ZINK hAppy
3/4in Z Roll
2in Z Roll
Optional Acrylic Paint & Paint Brush


The only tricky part of this project is assembly, especially if you choose an asymmetrical letter as I did. I recommend gathering a large quantity of photos both horizontal and vertical. From there, measure out the easiest ‘even’ portions of your initial. I recommend leaving the most awkward spaces for last. This allowed me to create a more clean look, this will be when having a large quantity of photos to work with is an advantage.

As with scrapbooking, you will want to lay your pictures along the initial until it’s completely finished, then apply permanently. Create fun patterns or download free backgrounds from the ZINK Store to fill in any empty spaces (Hint: Bonus points if you use mom’s favorite color). Don’t worry if some images are wider than the letter. Once it’s assembled you can flip it over and use your razor blade/Exacto knife to create a clean edge.

If you have extra time on your hands you can extend this to moms full initials or spell out words like “family” or “love.” 

Tip: If you choose to paint edges of your letter allow it to dry overnight before proceeding. 

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