Designing a Product Prototype

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So you have a great idea and you want to take that idea from paper to a physical product, but how? Designing a product prototype takes time, resources and a good plan. With the right steps, you can take your idea and run with it. Here are some examples to help you use your product designing skills.

toddlers playing building block toys

Design It and Build It

If you want to take your hobby to the next level, maybe a product design degree is for you. Here you will take a deep dive into the field, so you can understand every aspect there is to know about product design. Then, with a new degree, you can start a new and exciting career.

Using Technology

The great thing about living in today’s day and age is the availability of technology. With so many magnificent designing tools on computers, you can quickly design a prototype for use in real-world applications. Create a design, render it by using a 3D printer and build the final prototype. With a 3D printer, your options are vast and wide, so take advantage of what’s available to you, so you can bring your product dreams to life.

Making Toys and Games

Watching children playing with toys and using their imaginations is always fun. Just imagine if the toy your kids love was something you designed. If you’re not sure what kind of toys to make, parents and kids both always love learning toys that encourage players to build and create. Stem Toys are prime examples of items that get young girls and boys using their minds to complete tasks, have fun, and design wonderful things.

Another area you can explore is the wonderful world of board games. Board games need someone to design them. This can be an area where your imagination can roam and your ideas can flourish.

Beyond the Toybox

Maybe you’re not in the toy frame of mind and that’s fine. There are many other products that require prototypes to upgrade their purpose and function.

Furniture, electronics, and kitchen accessories are some of the many things you can create in your design playground. Pieces of furniture that can easily be stored away when not in use, such as the Murphy bed, all had to be designed, right? Maybe you have the next best thing floating around in your head. Maybe you have an idea for a cool new gizmo for the kitchen.


New products are unleashed every single day and, with the right direction, yours can be next. Get in onto paper, so that you can get a prototype in motion.