20 Hilarious Party Games for Adults Only!

Who said you can’t get silly and play games when you become an adult? It’s actually one of our favorite things to do when getting together with our other “parent” friends!

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There are an abundance of adult games that range from fun to filthy and everything in between. These are some of the most fun games we’ve tried – bet they will make you want to start hosting a weekly game night.


This word game has teams compete and read seemingly benign phrases only to discover hidden outrageous sayings. Indecent Expositions by Gray Matter Games is great for a girls’ night or your next game night. If you need a good laugh, this won’t disappoint. 

We are never quite as smart as we would like to believe. I Should Have Known That! has more than 400 trivia questions that will put your knowledge to the test. 

Let’s get to the point, a good drinking game is a total ice breaker. If you need a game night ice breaker or your guests are busy parents looking to dive into their night out, Don’t Drink and Draw is what you need to get things rolling.

If you are the type of person that could spend hours looking at memes, you could be crowned King or Queen of memes. What Do You MEME? challenges players to create their own memes with the photos and captions they are dealt.   

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Gather your group of friends with the dirtiest minds and compete against each other in Badmoji. The one that can guess filthy phrases the fastest is the winner. 

Really get to know your friends with the game Spot Light. These questions will keep everyone on edge, and you might discover a whole new side to your friends. 

Pick your won wolf pack to help you answer trivia questions from The Game of Wolf or take your chance for double the points when you answer alone. Are you smart enough to be a lone wolf?  

We all have a secret dirty side, feel free to let loose with Dirty Words Party Edition. We don’t all have a creative side, but with this dirty word game, you can show off all that vulgarity you normally stifle.

Test your smart and your luck with Are You Dumber Than A Box of Rocks? The games has trivia questions that can be answered with numbers 0 to 2. Answer the question before shaking the box of rocks and opening it to see what the rocks add up to. Test your knowledge and see of if you can outsmart a box of rocks, literally. 

If you like a good laugh and aren’t easily offended, you are the perfect player for Give Me Money or I’ll Kick Your Cat. This fast-paced game involves threats and cash. It can be played with a large group of people and great if you are looking for a game totally out of the ordinary. 

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If you have a dirty mind, you will get a kick out of, That’s What She Said. This fast-paced game will keep the party going with laughs for hours. 

This guessing doesn’t need any sketching skills just some creative guessing. Telestrations After Dark will lead to hilarious drawings and even better guesses. 

Sotally Tober will induce laughter and drunkenness for a night you might not remember. Players draw from one of the five variety of cards that include activities, skills, curses, secrets and decrees cards that will test the players’ limits. The player that takes the least amount of drinks is the winner. It can also be played on a point system instead of alcohol.  

Learn what your friends really think with Brain Freeze. Questions will conjure up some of the deepest, darkest thoughts, and players have to answer as fast as possible. The first to answer wins the round. You will be surprised by what your friends have to say, and you might even be surprised by your own answers.

When you and your girls need a night away from it all, For The Girls has everything you need to let loose and have some fun (wine not included). We all need a total judgement free zone from time to time for a little fun and some real talk.  

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Don’t spend another holiday making boring small talk and counting down the clock to the end of the night. Try Relative Insanity to liven up the next family event. This games features cards with everyday familial situations and players use punchline cards for each situation. From grandma’s reaction to what dad would say, capture the insanity that is your family.

See how smart and talented you are with Drunk Confidence. If you can’t handle the challenges, drink! With a variety of trivia and challenges, there is something for everyone.

Call your friends out with a fun round of You’re An Idiot. Lay out cards that explain exactly what makes your friends a bunch of idiots and take your own turn listening to just what makes you an idiot. Making fun of your friends doesn’t get any better than this.

Race your friends in a competition to draw unconventional clues that your partner will have to guess. Whether you are good at drawing or not, Drawing Without Dignity will test your creativity and embarrassment level.  

This game will zone in on the very worst of humanity. Disturbed Friends has 250 disturbing cards and offensive cartoons, it will push you to the limits.

What’s your favorite adult night party game?


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